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Can you spare yourself a moment


The focus of this small simplicity challenge is making time for you.

Your challenge for today is to find 10 minutes of time for yourself.

Simple. Well, for many of us, not always!


Find a way to make 10 minutes for yourself when you’re least likely to be interrupted.

  • You might have to get up a little earlier or go to bed a little later.
  • It might be in your lunch break or whilst your toddler naps.
  • It could be instead of scrolling social media.


Choose your favourite quiet spot, whether that’s your bed, chair or corner of the sofa and get comfy.

Grab a book or a magazine, a notebook, a warm drink, listen to some music or a podcast. This is your 10 minutes so what you do with it is up to you.

Don’t think about what you’ve forgotten to do, what still needs to be done or where you’ve got to be once the 10 minutes is up.


Focus on the present and enjoy the time to yourself.

If it’s too difficult to switch off from your To Do list then you and your brain need to practice this more often!

With practice it becomes easier to be mindful and present in the moment. You’ll also learn to appreciate, look forward to and MAKE this time for yourself.

It’s really important you give yourself permission to pause for a while and be ok with that.

You’ll feel much better for having even just that little bit of time to yourself before you’re onto the next thing!

Further reading


Thank you for joining me in this small simplicity challenge.

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