3 Reasons to Be Minimalist

3 Reasons To Become Minimalist

Minimalism has changed my life for the better in so many ways. In this post I’ve picked just 3 reasons to be Minimalist, for which I’m grateful each and every day. If you’re new to Minimalism, struggling to get started or just want a reminder of how Minimalism can improve your life, then read on. Here are some daily reminders to inspire a more intentional lifestyle and 3 reasons to be Minimalist.

A Quick Guide to Accepting Gifts as a Minimalist

A quick guide to accepting gifts as a Minimalist

Minimalists don’t like clutter and only keep what they love, need or adds value. So, what do you do when someone you love very generously gives you a gift? Do you stress about whether it’s going to add clutter, secretly plot to get rid of the gift later or do you stress about how to say ‘no thanks’ without offending them? To help you work out some easy (and kind) ways to manage the generosity of your loved ones, check out my quick guide to accepting gifts as a Minimalist.

9 Perfect Gift Ideas for Minimalists

9 perfect gift ideas for Minimalists

Minimalists don’t like clutter but that doesn’t mean we don’t love presents or appreciate the generosity of gift-giving. To make it easier knowing what to buy for the Minimalist in your life, check out this post on 9 perfect gift ideas for Minimalists.

10 Things to Declutter That Aren’t Actual Things

10 things to declutter that aren't actual things

We tend to think about our physical stuff when it comes to decluttering, but there are many other things we can remove which aren’t visible or tangible. To truly simplify your life and create more time, space and freedom for what matters, here are 10 things to declutter that aren’t actual things.

The One Essential Difference Between Minimalism and Decluttering

The essential difference between Minimalism and decluttering

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between Minimalism and decluttering? Why do the two often go hand-in-hand? Can you have one without the other and which comes first? Can you declutter if you’re not a Minimalist and can you adopt Minimalism if you don’t declutter? Check out my post on the one essential difference between Minimalism and decluttering so you can get the most out of both!

Minimalist Mindset: Thinking Like a Minimalist

How to think like a minimalist

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice encouraging you to clear the clutter from your life so you can focus on your priorities and the things that really matter to you. In this post I explain my interpretation of the minimalist mindset and how to think like a minimalist.

3 Things to Try if You’re Not Sure Minimalism is For You

3 things to try if you're not sure minimalism is right for you

Minimalism is a life-changing, soul-changing experience that can make your life easier, simpler and more intentional. If you need a bit of convincing then check out these 3 things to try if you’re not sure Minimalism is for you.

Unexpected and Life-Changing Benefits of Minimalism

unexpected and life-changing benefits of minimalism

Minimalism is about getting rid of the things in your life that you no longer need, want or value so that you can make room for the things which bring you joy and purpose. More than just a simple declutter, this post explains how Minimalism can bring huge unexpected and life-changing benefits to you and your family.