How to Refresh Your Goals and Why It Matters For a Simpler Life

How to refresh your goals

Nothing clutters your mind like thoughts, dreams, plans and goals that don’t align with what matters to you. Chasing things that aren’t worth chasing or holding on to ideas, dreams and decisions that no longer resonate with us or our life. In this article we explore how to refresh your goals and why it matters for a simpler, clutter-free life.

How to Write a Morning Gratitude List

How to write a morning gratitude list

Every morning I find the time to write a gratitude list. It only takes a few minutes to brainstorm 5-10 things I’m really grateful for in my life but it sets me up for the day and helps me clarify and focus on my priorities. Check out this post on how to write a morning gratitude list and why it’s important.

How to Define Your Priorities in Life and Why It Matters

How to define your priorities and why it matters

No matter which season of life you’re currently in, it’s helpful to be clear on what’s really important to you. This can help in so many ways to ensure we’re making best use of our precious and limited resources including our time, energy, love, freedom and more. I hope the following tips give you some ideas on how to define your priorities in life and why it matters.

Essential Mindsets to Help You Get More Out of Life

Making change or exploring something new starts within. In this article we look at some essential mindsets to help you get more out of life. If you’re exploring a simpler lifestyle, want to become clutter-free at home, in your schedule and in your heart, it all starts with your mindset.

14 Ways to be Intentional Every Day

ways to be intentional every day

Discover 14 simple ways to be intentional every day. Find out more about intentional living and create a life filled with clarity, focus and purpose. Stop living on auto-pilot and choose an intentional life on your own terms.

4 Questions to Inspire a Simpler Life and Define Your Priorities

4 questions to inspire a simpler life

A simple life is not dull, empty or static. Instead, it is an edited life of defining priorities, letting go of what doesn’t support us and purposefully creating space in our hearts and minds for what supports us better instead. In this post I’m sharing 4 questions to inspire a simpler life to help you define your priorities.

25 Practical Ways to Begin Living More Intentionally

25 practical ways to begin living intentionally

If you’re ready for change, a fresh perspective or just want to remove the things in your life that remove you from really living that life, here are 25 gentle, practical ways to begin living more intentionally.