Why we need balance in life

Why we need balance in life

Check out this post to understand why we need balance in life, what happens when your life gets out of balance and 7 ways you can find balance in your every day.

10 most popular simple living blog posts from 2019

As 2019 closes and the new year begins, I’ve put together my top 10 most popular simple living blog posts from 2019 on Balance Through Simplicity. These are posts that have received the most traffic, the most shares and the most likes. I hope they help to inspire and encourage you to explore a simpler, more intentional lifestyle over the coming months and experience the benefits for you and your family.

Why you should slow down sometimes

Why You Should Slow Down Sometimes

Much of life requires us to take action but there are times when it’s better to press pause and just stop to think. A simpler life gives us space to do this and in this post I share why you should slow down sometimes.

30 journal prompts for self discovery

30 Journal Prompts For Self Discovery

Try these 30 journal prompts for self discovery. They’ll help motivate and encourage you to really think about your personal development, self growth, self care, motivation, time management and more. You’ll be able to come up with some practical and actionable steps to simplify your life and declutter your mind.

3 mindsets to help you get more out of life

3 Mindsets To Help You Get More Out Of Life

Decluttering, minimalism and the less-is-more philosophy encourage you to find happiness and contentment with what you have, instead of feeling the need to fill your homes and hearts with clutter and new things bought from the shops. However, you don’t need to ditch the clutter or throw yourself head first into the minimalist life. Much of the time, it’s how we think that determines how we feel and act, so here are 3 mindsets to help you get more out of life.

5 ways to take control of your day

5 Ways To Take Control Of Your Day

Check out this post for 5 ways to take control of your day so that you’ve got time on your side instead of playing catch up from the moment you wake, to the moment you go to bed. Simple changes to your daily routine for maximum impact.

20 ways to simplify your home this summer

Declutter Your Garden Shed Things To Do In March

Summer is a great time to think about simplifying your home. The weather is better so we can use our outdoor space more, do jobs around the home that are more difficult or unpleasant when it’s raining and, of course, many of us have the added excitement of the kids being off school so there are more toys, clutter and chaos! Here are 20 ways you can simplify your home this summer and some decluttering projects and tips which are designed for warmer days!

20 reasons to own less stuff

20 Reasons To Own Less Stuff

Decluttering is a wonderful method of getting rid of the clutter in your own home and saying goodbye to stuff that you don’t use, don’t like, don’t need and which takes up space in your home, heart and mind. However, the real difference comes when you change your attitude to your belongings in general. Check out this post on 20 reasons to own less stuff and why decluttering is only the first part of the story.

Minimalism made simple: a step-by-step guide

Minimalism made simple

Although growing in popularity, Minimalism can be a difficult concept to get your head around and there are lots of misconceptions about what Minimalism is and what it isn’t. To help break it down for you, check out this post on Minimalism Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide to Minimalism and the benefits of a Minimalist lifestyle. I’ve included practical tips and lots of information about how you can live a simple, intentional life that really supports you by getting rid of the clutter in your home, heart and mind to make space for the things that are truly important to you.