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Gentle Ways to Embrace the Present When the Future is Uncertain

Gentle Ways to Embrace the Present When the Future is Uncertain


Here are some gentle ways to embrace the present when the future is uncertain. Self-care and mindset tips for when life feels difficult.


Sometimes we come across challenges in life. They could be financial, health, family, emotional, even a world pandemic – to name a few.

We don’t know what the future holds and we feel anxious, tense, or out-of-sorts. Perhaps our physical or mental health suffers too.

At these times, I find it helps to focus on the present. We can’t control, see into or deal with future problems so let’s bring our attention to the here and now.

Here are some gentle ways to embrace the present when the future is uncertain.

Gentle ways to embrace the present when the future is uncertain


Here are some gentle ways to embrace the present when the future is uncertain.

1. Be selective with what you try to control

There are so many things in life that we can’t control. I find the sooner that I let go of that control and stop trying to change the direction when I can’t possibly be in the driving seat, then I’m better able to focus on what I can do something about. Which leads me on to…

2. Focus on your inner work

When I’m feeling unsettled or unsure because of my external environment, I find it helpful to work on the inner me. I check-in with how I’m feeling and give myself some grace to accept nothing is perfect. I try to shift my thought patterns, mindset and the way I think about things, because this in turn usually affects how I feel about them. I find journaling to be a great way to reconnect with myself and explore how I’m thinking and feeling.

3. Prioritise self-care

In difficult times, we may push self-care way down the priority list but this is really when we need to bump it to the top. Taking care of ourselves may look different from person to person, but doing things that make us feel calmer, safer, healthier and stronger in both body and mind, builds strength and resilience to tackle that topsy turvy outside world. Try these tips on how to make time for yourself without feeling guilty or selfish.

4. Connect with others

We may not be able to do this in person, but reaching out to others by phoning a friend, posting a letter, writing an email, checking on a neighbour, facetiming, zooming, skyping – with family, friends and loved ones, can help us all support one another and remind us that we’re not alone, despite how we may feel. There are many benefits to developing supportive relationships with others, particularly for when we’re feeling low or anxious.

5. Maintain routines

I love having flexible routines to structure my day. When I’m feeling out of control with the rest of my life, having a little framework to my home and day-to-day life, helps maintain a little normality. Some examples could be to book-end your day with morning and evening routines, stick to healthy and regular meal times, a little bit of housework, exercise and time for yourself each day. Plan your week or month ahead so you can feel a little more prepared and in control of your time and energy.

6. Consume information in moderation

Keeping up with world events is good but information overload isn’t. Learn to switch off when you’ve heard enough. For example, I sleep better when I haven’t watched the news last thing at night and I try to detox from social media and my phone at weekends.

7. Make plans

Difficult times come and go. If you’re feeling stuck, housebound, alone, or in limbo, make a few little plans for when this season passes. Plan your next holiday, something to add to your wardrobe when you can next go shopping, a meal plan for next week, a list of books you’d like to get from the library, further training for your job, a new hobby you could learn from YouTube or a project around the home like decluttering your books or old photos. These plans will set your sights on a horizon beyond where you are now. They’ll be something to look forward to, get excited about and to give some purpose to this difficult time right now.

8. Enjoy the little things

Focusing on the present has one other wonderful benefit. It encourages us to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Appreciate what you have right now instead of being too busy chasing, doing and achieving what you think you’d rather have instead.