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About A Mum in Progress

This site is for busy Mums, like you and I, who want to be the best Mums we can, but find it difficult to juggle everything.

  • Do you want to ditch the daily chaos and overwhelm and instead create a simpler, easier and more fulfilling life for you and your family?
  • Are you happy to settle for just getting through it, or do you want to love your Mum-life?

If this is you, then you’re in the right place!

What do you need help with?

The words of Annie Dillard still shout out loud in my head…

‘How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.’

If you really think about what this means, do you want to spend your days:

  • buried knee-high in laundry
  • tackling endless rounds of washing up
  • forever picking up toys and tidying up the stuff in your home
  • running from A to B with no time for anything in between?

By making your life as simple and easy as possible, it’s so much easier to juggle normal every day life without feeling overwhelmed, or out of control – even on those crazy, chaotic days when nothing goes to plan and you’ve still got loads to do.

How can I help you?

I’ve travelled the journey myself.

I had tried to juggle too much, for too long and it led to a melt-down when I just couldn’t do it any longer. I knew I needed to make some changes and that this wasn’t what my life as a Mum was meant to look like.

So, I began by simplifying my home and then moving on to every aspect of my life.

And it changed everything!

I’m now passionate about helping other busy Mums do this too through A Mum in Progress.

This site will help you get organised, simplify and enjoy life more with courses, resources and a blog dedicated to help you simplify and get control over your home, your time, your life and looking after you. To get started click here.

And who am I?

I’m Antonia. I have a crazy, patchwork family that consists of my husband, my two little girls, my step-kids (who visit every other weekend) and my dog.

I work full time, manage this site, look after my kids and run my home so I’m familiar with the problems of being a busy Mum with loads to do!

family1 (1)

Our kids span a large age gap and have varying needs and abilities, including one of whom is on the autistic spectrum. Every day is a new challenge and a new learning opportunity and some days I get it right and others I don’t.

My family isn’t perfect and I definitely don’t want you to think that we’re that perfect instagram family. We’re just a normal family and I’m a normal Mum. I love tea, animals, quiet time and I want to build my own house some day!

I don’t pretend to have it all figured out, but I’ve learnt a lot about life and about myself in recent years since simplifying my life and I’m passionate about helping other busy Mums do the same too.

Check out these posts if you’d like to know more about me

As Mums we never stop learning and evolving. We are constantly having to adapt to the changing needs of our family, our home and ourselves.

We are a work in progress, a Mum in progress. Hence the name of this site.

If you’re looking to lead a life that you love, enjoy your motherhood rather than be a slave to it and jump out of bed each morning ready to take on the world – then I can help!

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