Four reasons why Mums should feel great about themselves

Mums have the most important job in the world but it can also be one of the hardest. If you’re stuck in a rut, feeling run down or just fed up with being at everyone else’s beck and call, then grab a coffee and take a moment to read my four reasons to feel great about yourself…

Motherhood can give us the biggest sense of pride and achievement, watching our little ones grow up into independent, happy and fulfilled adults.

But, being a Mum can also be the hardest job in the world – it is unrelenting, 24/7, drives us to the depths of despair and the height of happiness and a roller coaster of emotions in between on a daily basis.

We set an example in everything we do and our children follow our lead. We are the most important educators, carers and influencers in our children’s lives at all times, whether we always feel up to the task or not.

With all this responsibility it’s perfectly natural for the feeling of overwhelm to creep in. Are you tired and running on empty, with no time for you after you’ve prioritised everyone else? Perhaps you feel as though you’ve now got nothing left to offer and generally don’t feel too great about yourself?

Maybe you think that people will see you as selfish if you focus on yourself for while? This simply isn’t true but if you get pangs of guilt then check out my blog post here on why Mums shouldn’t feel selfish for looking after themselves.

4 Reasons Why Mums Should Feel Good About Themselves
#1 Your body is AMAZING!

Forget the dimply bits, the wobbly bits, the bits that rub together. As a Mum, your body did a magical, wonderful thing in giving you babies. It did exactly what it was meant to, and keeps you going so that you can continue to look after your babies as they grow up.

Your body is precious, beautiful, a miracle.

Treat it with respect and love, nurture and look after it. Don’t try to change it or wish it looked like somebody else’s body or turn it into something it’s not meant to be. It’s your body and you look fantastic in it!

#2 Embrace your motherhood

Having a baby turns our world upside down. When we have a little human completely and unconditionally dependent on us, nothing is the same as before.

For many, this is a time of raw and mixed emotion. Our old habits and daily life are changed forever and although loving being a parent, we may also sometimes mourn the loss of our freedom, independence and carefree attitude.

Instead, switch your mindset and embrace your motherhood with all your energy! You’ll be a much more engaged and present Mum, ready to take on everything that motherhood throws at you (bits of food and all) with confidence, vitality and resilience.

Our children are dependent on us for such a short time before they grow up. Accept that life comes in stages and we can adapt.

Turn up the music, dance around the house with the kids, enjoy their laughter and giggles and answer all those ‘why’ questions they ask!

Don’t take life too seriously, seek laughter and joy at every opportunity, spend your money on experiences rather than material possessions so you can create shared memories for the future.

#3 A job like no other

No pay, no sickness scheme, long working hours, impossible to resign from, a never-ending list of job responsibilities and no manager to complain to or get support from – who would sign up to a job like motherhood?!

You are doing the hardest job in the world, the one that has the highest rewards and the deepest lows. It has you locked in the bathroom crying your eyes out one day with tiredness and frustration and crying with laughter the next. But, you’re doing it and you’re doing it amazingly!

Your children are clean and fed, growing up safe and secure, happy, independent and empowered to take on the world. And that is because of you!

#4 Your children need YOU

You were chosen out of all mothers to be the mother to your children. You are the best person to be their mum – to nurture, care and guide them as children and into adulthood. Nobody else knows your children like you do and you are the best person to know what they need, when they need it. They need YOU!

And remember…

These are some of the reasons why you should allow yourself to feel good about yourself. Motherhood is never easy, there’s no textbook telling you how it should be done and it’s different for everyone. Remember though that you have many reasons to feel good about yourself.

  • Your body is amazing and it’s done wonderful things
  • Embrace your motherhood as it’s better and more fulfilling when you get stuck in
  • You’re doing a job that no one in their right mind would apply for (and you’re doing it fantastically) and,
  • Your children need YOU (and all your quirks) whether you feel like it or not!
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