Free mini course to Simplify Your Christmas

Free mini course to Simplify Your Christmas

Take my FREE 1-week email course, Simplify Your Christmas, to help you create a simpler, happier and more magical Christmas for you and your family.


Do you remember Christmas when you were little? I know it’s not always the case, but generally Christmas as a child is filled with eager anticipation of presents, pretty decorations, tasty food, lots of games, perhaps some snow outside and a holiday from school.

Fast forward to adulthood, particularly for mums, and Christmas sometimes loses its sparkle as we have more to do, more to think about and more to plan than perhaps any other time of the year.

Christmas becomes a mad frenzy and we can easily forget to enjoy the fun and festivities as we’re too busy making sure everyone else is having a great time.

This FREE 1-week mini course will look at the main elements of a Merry Christmas.

Unfortunately these are often also the main sources of stress for many of us and can take our focus away from the true magic and meaning of Christmas.

We’ll take a look at some ways you can simplify each element and bring back that magic!

Simplify Your Christmas
You’ll be able to spend more time…
  • With your family and the people that really matter to you
  • Enjoying Christmas rather than dreading it
  • On fun and festive things that you and your kids will remember for years
  • Focusing on your family’s Christmas traditions and the things that make Christmas special to you
  • Creating a Christmas that’s simple but filled with magic, sparkle and meaning for ALL of you
You’ll spend less time…
  • Running around after (and picking up after) everyone else
  • Worrying that you’ve forgotten to do or buy things even when you can’t afford them
  • Worn out because you’ve given yourself too much to do and not enough free time
  • Stressed out by the state of the house and how to keep on top of the housework
  • Wishing it was all over and you can go back to ‘normal’

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