How it all began

My Story

My website began with a blog because I wanted to share my experience of how a minimalist, simple life had completely turned my life around. It had helped me become a much better Mum and a better person because of the changes I’d made.

I was able to enjoy life more and really embrace motherhood, rather than just struggling to get through each day until the kids were in bed.

I wanted to share my passion for this simple life and help others who are overwhelmed, struggling, or just frustrated at a life that’s happening TO them.

I wanted to help YOU find ways of making things easier, simpler and more enjoyable.

Now my blog has evolved into a website where I can share my passion for a simple, more intentional life to a broader audience and I love that!

#1 Explaining Minimalism to friends and family

When I originally started telling people I’d found Minimalism and it had changed my life, I think most of them thought I’d lost my mind, joined some weird cult, or had gone to the extreme and thrown everything out so my family were struggling to survive with little furniture and just the bare necessities of life.

It took me a while to explain that Minimalism takes many forms and Minimalism in my family just meant getting rid of the excess clutter in our life that we didn’t like or need anyway and filling the gaps instead with things like more free time, more fun and more freedom.

I’ve got a whole site about Minimalism and how simplifying your life can change everything for you and yet, I’m still only the scratching the surface. So, trying to explain in a nutshell to family and friends why Minimalism can change your life was near impossible. So, instead of this, I could just tell them to check out my site!

#2 I missed helping others and contributing

For many years I worked hands-on in a job helping others and I really missed that type of role when I switched jobs to help my husband run his own business.

For a while, I felt like I wasn’t contributing to society as much as I could or making much of a difference to people, but that changed when I started my blog.

I realised that there was a whole world of other busy people out there who I could really help and who could benefit from reading, learning and trying what I wrote about.

Best of all, I can do this whilst helping my husband at work and looking after my kids. So now, because of my website and blog, I’m able to help and encourage anyone who finds me to find balance through simplicity.

#3 Creating a platform to share a message

When you feel passionate about something, you want to yell it from the rooftops (in a metaphorical kind of way) and try to make people stop and think. If it’s worked for someone else then maybe it would work for me?

When I started blogging, it gave me a way of getting my message across. The more my website evolves, the more I have a platform to share my experiences and encouragement – something that can really change and make your life simpler and better, like it did mine.

#4 Finding something I can do for me and that challenges me daily!

Living more intentionally encourages you to look at your life in a new way and sometimes you’re faced with some difficult choices and realities.

For me, one of these realisations was that I’m a better mum and a better person generally when I have a little bit of time and space for myself each day.

Some people might say that motherhood is about giving up your life entirely for the sake of your babies, that it’s just a mum’s lot to never have any free time or money (or anything) to take care of themselves, and that I’m just selfish for even contemplating a bit of self-care.

I just don’t agree, and I think with a bit of planning, it’s perfectly possible to do both and not at the expense of each other. You can be there for your kids and your family 100% and still have some time to do something for yourself. You just need to plan and prioritise to find a way to do it.

I know I’m a much better Mum when I’ve had time to recharge my batteries. For example, I’m less stressed and more calm, engaged and ready to embrace whatever the day throws at me when I’ve had some me-time first thing in the morning before anyone else is awake. Writing my blog is a way of doing something for myself that’s creative and inspires me to challenge myself.

#5 To document my journey

One of the interesting things about writing a blog is watching how it changes shape. It evolves and develops as you and your story changes.

Although I was already a Minimalist and had simplified pretty much everything in my life that I could before I began blogging, I soon realised that the mental and physical space Minimalism had created gave me time, energy and encouragement to try new things and explore new opportunities for growth and learning.

As a result, when I started my blog, I called it A Mum in Progress as I was a work in progress. I wasn’t the finished product and still had loads to learn, explore, try, do, take in, act upon. I was a work in progress and therefore a ‘Mum in Progress’ and writing my blog was a great way for me to document my journey. As my blog became a website, I renamed it ‘Balance Through Simplicity’ to encourage a wider audience to fall in love with simple living!

#6 Be more intentional with how I spend my time

One of the biggest benefits of applying Minimalism to my busy life was when I simplified my calendar.

I started to say no to any commitments or appointments that didn’t feel right or add value to my family or I, and I became more intentional about what I said yes to.

It’s the same for my blog and website.

Whilst some people choose to spend their precious me-time watching their favourite films, baking, kick-boxing, reading a book or whatever floats your boat, I choose to pour myself into this website.

How you spend your time is entirely up to you. No-one else can judge or pass comment as long you’re doing something that’s important and meaningful to you.

It also depends on how you’re feeling in that moment and some days there’s nothing I love (or need) more than to watch mindless TV and eat loads of crisps and that’s perfectly ok! But, when I get some free time (or I’ve carved it out of my busy day) I generally spend it here.



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