Your home is important. It’s your sanctuary from the world and the space where you and your family can relax and recharge.

  • After a busy day, I don’t want the evening to be full of the same clutter and chaos as the day and I certainly don’t want the clutter and chaos to greet me as I come downstairs first thing in the morning.
  • The kids don’t always want to be rampaging around the house. Sometimes they need calm too. Time for quiet games such as building Lego or drawing and colouring. Sometimes, they just want to relax on the sofa with me and read a book.
  • I find that if there’s too much clutter and chaos everywhere then we can all get overwhelmed, overstimulated and have trouble relaxing and finding some quiet, peaceful time and space to let our bodies, minds and senses recover. That is until the kids are ready to get up and go again!
  • When my home isn’t generally calm, I can feel my stress levels rising. I can get grumpy or irritable and this reflects in how I parent my kids.

This is why I like a calm home and maybe you do too?

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How to create a calm family home

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