How To Find Calm When Life Gets Too Busy

How to find calm when life gets too busy

Life can get too busy without us noticing. If this has happened to you and you want to press the pause button on life to catch your breath, check out this post on how to find calm when life gets too busy.

  • How are you? Did you answer “busy”?!
  • When your kids ask you to play a board game with them, do you say “I haven’t got time right now”.
  • When did you last have a nap in the afternoon because you had some free time (that is, if the kids let you)?
  • When did you last do something you WANTED to, not that you HAD to?
  • When did you last have 5 minutes in silence to listen to yourself instead of the world around you?

The pace of our modern lives can be way too fast for some of us to keep up with and still find time for quiet, relaxation, recharging our batteries or basically letting our hair down and just having fun.

Yet, busy doesn’t mean you’re any more important. Busy doesn’t mean that you’re more successful and it doesn’t mean that you’ve got your life more sorted than the next person.

What busy often means is that your diary is running you, rather than you running your diary!

I know that some of us don’t like too much time to think. We can start to dwell on thoughts that we otherwise prefer to push out (by keeping busy). Sometimes we think not being busy can mean we’re not achieving enough, or nobody wants to spend time with us, or that we’re doing something wrong because life is meant to be busy.

Or is it?


Life is largely what you make it. I know that sometimes things happen that aren’t of our making and we can’t control and we’re all victim of circumstance every now and then. But, generally speaking, YOU are in control of your life.

Your life is made up of seconds which become minutes, which become hours and lead into days, weeks and… you get the picture.

Every second really matters because time has a funny habit of drifting onwards and we don’t always realise how much time has gone by until it’s too late.

Time is the one thing that you can’t get back and you can’t buy more of.

Being busy is inevitable for many of us, in some seasons of our life. If you’re juggling kids, work, caring for relatives, maintaining friendships, developing hobbies and keeping house, then you’re likely to be pretty busy. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

How busy you are is in your control.

How To Find Calm When Life Gets Too Busy

Personally, I like to find calm when life is too busy.

Calm relaxes me, it grounds me and rejuvenates me. It encourages thoughts and ideas to come to me, gives me silence for inspiration, quietens my mind from the busy-ness of the day and refreshes me so that I’m ready for whatever comes my way next.

Calm makes me happier and healthier in mind and body and I’m definitely nicer to be around and a better parent, wife and friend!

Over the years, I’ve learnt some simple but effective strategies to find calm when life is too busy. They work no matter what season of life you’re in, whether you’ve got kids or not. They needn’t take lots of time, cost lots of money or be yet another thing you have to consciously add into your busy calendar.

These are just simple strategies on how to find calm when life is too busy.

  1. Explore nature – Nature is beautiful and inspiring. Take yourself for a walk, listen to the birds, look out for wildlife, get the blood pumping around your body and get some natural daylight. Breathe in the air and blow out the stress!
  2. Turn off the screens – Get away from the TV, computer, your phone. You don’t need the movement or noise to clutter up your senses.
  3. Meditate – Find a quiet place to get comfortable and meditate, even just for a few minutes. Push out thoughts of what you’ve forgotten to do that day, or what you’re meant to be cooking for dinner.
  4. Brain dump – Clear your mind of busy thoughts and worries by putting everything down on paper. From here you can organise those thoughts and take action where necessary but at least they won’t be circling your brain. Check out this post for more help on how to brain dump!
  5. Sit still – There is amazing power in silence. Find a quiet place to sit still and listen to what comes to mind. Sometimes our thoughts don’t get heard over the noise of the day.
  6. Declutter – It’s quite therapeutic to remove the clutter from an area of our home and create some space on a bare table-top, shelf or corner of the floor. A clearer space is less visually distracting and less clutter has been shown to equal less stress. Check out this post on how to create a calm family home.
  7. Get a change of scene – Just walk away from your busy life and find a new place to be, even if it’s 10 minutes in a coffee shop or kicking a football around the park with the kids. A change of scene gives you a fresh perspective on life and gets you away from your normal schedule.
  8. Read a book – Absorbing yourself in a good book means you’re sitting still, focusing on something other than your To Do list and finding a way to switch off from your day. Not to mention learning a new subject or being transported to fantasy land depending on what your book is about!
  9. Listen to a podcast – Expand your mind, get inspired and concentrate on what you’re listening to (maybe whilst going for a walk?). Podcasts have a similar effect to the point above but have the added benefit that you can do something else at the same time.
  10. Re-evaluate your commitments – If you’re constantly seeking calm in a busy life, then maybe it’s time to take stock of your diary and the pulls on your time (and energy). Say no to anything that’s not a priority for you right now. Prioritise the things that you HAVE to do so you have more time to do what you NEED to do and most importantly… carve out some more calm in your life.

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Create more time, be more productive and make the time you do have work for you better.

I can’t give you more than 24 hours in a day, but I can help you make things simpler, easier and quicker so that it feels like you’ve warped time and created more of it!

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  1. Love these tips. I actually made my calendar in advance today and easily identifies the culprits that are making me “busy.” Now I have to take the time to eliminate them and really put the phone down and embrace the time that is in front of me. It’s so easy to get caught up in things that do not matter in the long run! Thanks for these. Pinned them ??

    1. Post

      Hi! I’m so pleased you liked it. Sometimes we don’t notice things until they’re pointed out to us. But, I find that the trick then is doing something about it rather than forgetting about it! Thank you x

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