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If you’re looking to declutter your home, simplify your life and live more intentionally, then this collection of my most popular blog posts is a great place to start. Tips, projects, encouragement and inspiration to simplify your life by living with less plus a snapshot of what Balance Through Simplicity is all about.

20 ways to declutter your home

Do you feel overwhelmed by the state of your home? Are you constantly picking things up, or clearing up after your family? Does it feel that no matter how much time you spend looking after your home, it never seems to be enough and you’re fighting a losing battle? If so, don’t worry because there is a solution! Simplifying your home and getting rid of some of the clutter will make your home so much easier to look after. You’ll be able to spend less time looking after it, and more time doing other things which are far more important to you and your family. Check out this post on 20 ways to declutter your home and I’ll show you how.

What to do if you’re the only Minimalist in the house

It doesn’t matter if you’re a total convert to the benefits of Minimalism or whether you’re new to the whole thing and just finding your feet. Living in the same home as others who aren’t quite as keen on the lifestyle or haven’t yet discovered what a difference it can make, can be a frustrating thing. Check out this post on 10 ways you can help your loved ones get on board with Minimalism…

Unexpected and life-changing benefits of Minimalism

Minimalism is about getting rid of the things in your life that you no longer need, want or value so that you can make room for the things which you love, need or have a purpose. More than just a simple declutter, Minimalism can bring huge unexpected and life-changing benefits to you and your family. Check out this post to learn how becoming Minimalist can change your life!

How to declutter your home in 30 days

If decluttering your home and sorting through your stuff sounds too overwhelming or time-consuming, try out my 30 day declutter challenge. Break it down into manageable chunks by decluttering just one room, area or type of item each day. You’ll soon start to notice a difference and if you make it to the end of the month, then your home will be clutter-free and much easier to keep clean and tidy. Check out this post on how to declutter your home in 30 days.

5 essential daily self care practices for busy mums

Mums often put themselves at the bottom of the priority list, often too tired or too busy to look after ourselves when we’ve been looking after others all day. But, to do this well, without the risk of burn-out, it’s so important that we keep physically and emotionally strong. Check out my 5 essential daily self-care practices for busy Mums and the reasons why they’re so important. They’ll help you take each day in your stride and be ready to face whatever life throws at you!

20 ways to simplify your life

From being career woman to stressed out, frazzled working mum, simplifying my life was one of the best things I ever did to improve my family’s quality of life. When you’re juggling all the plates in the air and trying to do too much, you lose focus of what’s really important in your life. Make a few changes to slow things down, declutter your home, your mind, your calendar and your life. Choose a simple life that gives you more time, space and freedom to prioritise the people and things that mean the most to you. Find out how simple living can help you with my 20 ways to simplify your life.

Decluttering tips for hoarders

Minimalism can be off-putting or scary at the best of times even if you’re someone who’s open to trying new things, likes a challenge or you’re totally convinced that Minimalism is the way to go for a new and better life. But, if you’re a collector or hoarder and prone to keeping everything for that ‘just in case’ moment, Minimalist living (and its benefits) can seem out of your grasp. If you’d like to change your life, simplify what you can and live a fuller life (just with less stuff) then check out my decluttering tips for hoarders.

Declutter your wardrobe and love your clothes

Do you ever go to your wardrobe in the morning to get dressed but can’t find anything to wear, despite it being full of clothes? You can’t find the item you’re looking for, you can’t decide which outfit to wear and you’re running late for the school run and work… If this is you, read my post on how to declutter your wardrobe and love your clothes.

24 life-changing habits to include in your daily routine

How many times do you get to the end of the day and realise that you’ve still got loads of things to do but you’ve just run out of time? Would you like to be more organised and use the time that you DO have in your day more productively, so you can do everything you need to do and still find a bit of time for the things you WANT to do? Check out this post on 24 life-changing habits to include in your daily routine!

20 things that waste time during the day

Many of us always have lots of things to do and never enough time to do them in. We’re always looking for ways to create more hours in the day, manage our time, increase our productivity and be more efficient. Yet, there are a few things we do, even without realising, that can really waste our time. Check out my list of 20 things that waste time during the day to see if you recognise any of them!

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