Make your time work for you


A no-nonsense 34-page workbook to get you organised, productive and to stop time getting the better of you!


Make Your Time Work For You is a 34-page PDF workbook to help you make the most of your time.

Time is the one thing that most of us wish we could have more of! It’s either more time to get everything done in the day, or more time to do this AND find a little time for yourself.

I can’t create more hours in the day but with a bit of planning and organisation, it IS possible to carve more time out of your day! But, it won’t happen just because you wish it!

This workbook will take you through your days and weeks to help you identify ways you can save time, be more efficient, find simpler ways of doing things and establish some solid routines and structure for your day.





You’ll be able to spend more time…

  • With your family and the people that really matter to you
  • On looking after you and doing things that you want to do without feeling selfish or that you’re wasting time
  • On fun things like playing with your kids instead of telling them to ‘go play’ whilst you finish the housework
  • Being productive, efficient and generally managing your time better


You’ll spend less time…

  • Cleaning the house
  • Having a busy diary but not really wanting to do most of what’s on there
  • In a panic when something goes wrong because you’ve got no wiggle room in your schedule
  • Feeling overwhelmed, stretched too thin and like there’s no room left for you
  • Procrastinating, going around in circles and not getting as much done as you’d like to in the time you have



Once you’ve completed your purchase you’ll receive your pdf download. You can print it out or save it to your computer or phone. You can refer back to the workbook many times over, taking it at your own pace.

The workbook has been created to provide you with a mix of information and question prompts to make you really think about how you can apply what you’re learning to your own life. This is the only way it’ll sink in and REALLY help you make changes, big or small!


The workbook is made up of different sections which include:



  • What things aren’t right for you at the moment
  • What do you want to change with this workbook?
  • How do you want your life to be like afterwards?



  • Why do you fill up your calendar and get so busy?
  • What could you do if you had more free time?
  • Strategies to manage your calendar and commitments without being overloaded



  • How a morning routine can help support you for the day ahead
  • What does YOUR current morning routine look like?
  • Steps to create a morning routine that really works for YOU
  • Practical and realistic suggestions for what you could include in your morning routine
  • Identifying possible problems and solutions to overcome them



  • Why an evening routine can help you prepare for the next day and wind down ready for the night
  • What does YOUR current evening routine look like?
  • Steps to create an evening routine that really works for you
  • Practical and realistic suggestions for what you could include in your evening routine
  • Identifying possible problems and solutions to overcome them



  • How to the make the MOST of your time
  • Easy, actionable steps to being more productive and efficient
  • Creating time and space for YOU!



  • How to create daily and weekly To Do lists
  • Prioritising the RIGHT THINGS
  • Get done what you need and stop wasting time prioritising the WRONG THINGS


Section 7 – WASTING TIME

  • How to recognise when you’re wasting time
  • Common things that waste your time
  • How to avoid time-wasting in YOUR life and make your time work for you…




It’s not so much a question of how much time you have, but more about what you do with it.

Your time is precious, make every second count! What are you waiting for?