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Projects to Do Around the Home When You’re Stuck Indoors

Projects to Do Around the Home When You’re Stuck Indoors


If you’re housebound but looking to stay busy and productive, check out this post for some simple projects to do around the home when you’re stuck indoors.


For a variety of reasons, we can be stuck indoors. The weather might be bad, we might have no money, we’re recovering from illness, have a new baby, caring for a loved one or suffer from social anxiety and just prefer to be at home. At the extreme, like now as I’m writing this, the world is in lockdown from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Anyway, sometimes we’re just house-bound. Having some simple projects to do around the home can help us feel productive and useful, and help us get organised for when we’re back up and running, willing and able to be out in the world again.


The types of projects you can do around the home will vary depending on the time, energy, space and motivation you have. In this article I’ve listed a few ideas for you to try. Just pick and choose which feel most comfortable and appropriate to you.

  • You can fit them around your schedule, your kids and anything else that you need to do
  • They can be done quickly if you need to, or take your time if you have longer… and
  • They’ll help simplify your life or make it a little more fulfilling, than just binge-watching TV (as appealing as that is sometimes!)
Projects to do around the home when you're stuck indoors

Here are 10 ideas for simple projects you can do around the home when you’re stuck indoors and want to simplify your life and be productive with your time.

1. Sort your finances

Go through your bank statements, receipts and credit card statements. Make a simple table or spreadsheet of all your income and expenses. Identify any outgoings for subscriptions and memberships that you don’t use, track your spending habits and see if there’s any way you can save more and spend less. Automate payments to go out by direct debit and set up online banking so it’s easier to manage with less paper clutter. For more help, check out this post on how to simplify your finances.

2. Declutter your wardrobe

Make it easier and quicker to get dressed each morning knowing that your wardrobe is only full of clothes that you love to wear and that you make look and feel good. Sort through your clothes, make piles of the stuff that you want to keep, donate/recycle or throw. Only keep the pieces that you really enjoy wearing and do actually wear. Put them back in your wardrobe, neat and tidy. Check out this post on how to declutter your clothes in 10 easy steps.

3. Meal plan in advance

Take a look at your calendar so you know what’s happening for the following week or month. Plan what meals you need based on that, including breakfasts, lunches and dinners for everyone in your home. Decide on which meals you’re going to cook, write a shopping list for what you need and order online for home delivery at a time that’s convenient to you or go to the shops if that’s a better option. Meal planning means less food waste, better use of your ingredients and therefore less waste of your money. It also helps reduce your stress at meal times when you’re hungry, tired and can’t decide what to cook (let alone check if you’ve got the ingredients you need!). For more help with this, check out my post on meal-planning and meal prep.

4. Tackle a difficult-to-declutter area

Some rooms, areas or types of item in our homes are much more difficult to declutter than others. Think about your garage, loft, old photos, heirlooms and children’s artwork. If you have a little bit more time on your hands, use some simple strategies to help you start decluttering and tackle these areas which you normally don’t have time, motivation or energy to declutter.

5. Learn a new skill

There’s so much you can learn from the internet these days. What about learning to sing, try your hand at baking, speak a foreign language. Now might be the time to learn something you’ve always fancied having a go at but never got around to because busy life got in the way!

6. Grow your mind

Enrol on an online course, check out a different podcast, read a new book… Use the time to expand your learning and knowledge.

7. Redecorate a room

Paint a room, renovate some old furniture, swap your existing furniture around and change the layout. Sometimes a change is as good as a break so give yourself a new view at home, change your home’s internal scenery and see how you feel! Just be mindful not to clutter your home in the process! Here are some things that make your home look cluttered.

8. Sort through your digital clutter

Sort through the photos on your phone. Delete the fuzzy ones and save the good ones to your computer or cloud drive. Delete unused apps on your phone and re-arrange the ones you use most often onto your home screen. Sort through your computer, declutter the desktop, save important files in a clearly labelled filing system. Go through your emails, clear your inbox of unwanted emails, action the ones that need dealing with, set up folders so you can sort through them all easily, empty the trash and archive the rest. Digital clutter builds up so quickly and easily in this digital age and it’s time-consuming getting on top of it. Now might be a good time!

9. Challenge yourself

This could be anything from completing a jigsaw, giving up sugar, trying a week without TV or doing a yoga workout every day for a month. Set yourself a task and give yourself an incentive or reward when you’ve completed it! This could be a good time to challenge yourself to develop some healthy habits for your self-care, daily life or even to keep a clutter-free home. What habits would you like to build and which would you like to ditch?

10. Deep-clean your home

Clean the things that you normally don’t get around to cleaning. What about the curtains, the cushion covers, rugs or carpet, the sofa covers, throws and blankets? These are the jobs that often get left out when we’ve only got a certain amount of time to get the home clean. We stick to the basics and bare necessities and the other areas get left for another day. Maybe today could be that other day? Try these tips on how to spend less time cleaning or this article on how to reset your home regularly to keep on top of the clutter, mess and daily dirt!


I hope these projects give you some ideas on what you could do with your time if you’re stuck indoors.

Let me know in the comments at the end of the post if there’s anything else you can think of which we could add to the list!


Here are some other resources which you might find helpful:


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