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Resources and Links

Resources and Links


I thought it would be helpful to put this page together to give you a range of helpful resources for simple living and links about decluttering, organising, the minimalist lifestyle and intentional living. The simplicity community is a wonderful space and has something to offer everyone, whether you’re new to decluttering and simplifying or just need a refresh.

I love to be inspired by others and get a fresh perspective because it motivates me and stops me feeling stuck (which we all do from time to time!). So, whether you like to read books, listen to audiobooks or podcasts, or want to explore other websites about simplifying life, mindset, personal growth and more, I hope you enjoy these resources and links.

I’ll be updating this page regularly so keep checking back to see if there’s something new. I hope they help! If you have any questions or can’t find something you need, email me at

***I may get paid commission for purchases made after clicking a link in this post but there is no extra cost to you. Read my Disclosure Policy.***


If you’re looking for tips on how to declutter and simplify life, here is a collection of books on simplifying life and living intentionally for some new ideas and a fresh perspective.

Simplifying life doesn’t follow a textbook or specific format. There isn’t a cookie cutter or recipe that you can follow and simplicity means different things to different people. That’s why I think it’s important to get as wide a perspective as possible about what simplifying life and living intentionally means in practical, real life, no matter what your life looks like.

Click here to explore these books to help simplify life and live intentionally.


Learning how to manage your time, be more productive and effective are helpful ways of simplifying your life. Here are some suggestions for books on productivity and time management which you could try for more information and inspiration.

On this site I try to share as much information as possible about simplifying life and creating more time for what truly matters and is important to you. Productivity tips are at the core of this because they help you manage your time, be both efficient and effective and stop you wasting time on things that don’t add value to your life in some way. It’s easy to be busy but are we busy doing the right things or just busy for the sake of being busy?

The books on this list will help you work that out, alongside my own posts and website I hope! I have either read the books or have them on my reading list but they’re all popular books on making more time for what matters.

Click here to explore these books on productivity and time management.

Resources and links on simple and intentional living


I love to read but I don’t always have time to sit quietly, without interruption and be able to focus on what I’m reading for any length of time. That’s why I’m a great fan of listening to audiobooks. Sometimes these are fiction, I love crime fiction particularly, but more often they’re books on simplifying life, personal growth, mindset and productivity. I can be motivated, uplifted and learn something new listening to an audiobook but doing something else at the same time. I’m not suggesting multi-tasking is a good thing, but when I’m cooking dinner, doing housework, walking the dog or waiting for my kids in the car, it’s a great way to use my time and my brain!

I have an Audible subscription to listen to my audiobooks. You get unlimited access to thousands of select Audible Originals, podcasts and audiobooks, there’s a free 30-day trial with one free audio book on Audible. You can cancel anytime before the trial ends – no commitment or cancellation fees and if you do cancel, you can even keep your audiobook!

Click here to learn more about Audible and see if it’s right for you!


Other great resources for simple living are the many wonderful websites and blogs sharing ideas on simplicity, intentional living, decluttering and minimalism. Just as there’s no one-size-fits-all way to simplify your life, so too there are different approaches and perspectives. Here are a few simplicity websites and blogs that have shaped my thoughts over the years and continue to inspire me today!

  • No Sidebar – an extensive collection of articles on minimalism, simple living and finding happiness
  • Becoming Minimalist – a site designed to inspire others to pursue their greatest passions by owning fewer possessions. This was my first introduction to the world of minimalism and is a wonderful reminder of less stuff for more life
  • Zen Habits – about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives
  • The Minimalists – help people live meaningful lives with less


My site is about helping to simplify things for you and your family so I’d never suggest buying things unnecessarily as we want to avoid clutter, not add to it. However, I do believe that, after decluttering, it’s helpful to be organised so your home functions how you need it to for you and your family. Not only does this save time and energy but it also helps us to stay on top of our clutter. I’d never want to tell you what to buy but here are some ideas that might help or add value in some way to organising your home!

On this page I’ve listed some products to help organise your home. I’ll add more as I come across them, but they’ll be here on one page to make it simple for you to get inspiration and find what you’re looking for!

Click here to explore these ideas for products to help organise your home.

Resources and links on simple and intentional living