Finding your way


I created Balance Through Simplicity to share my personal experience and passion for simpler living.

My aim is to inspire you with practical ways to declutter and make your life easier through simple living, minimalism and intentional living.

These are the choices I make daily to create my best life – what I consider important enough to let in and what it’s equally important to keep out.

I wanted to create this page to explain these terms for you and how they can fit together to help you!

Simplify Your Life road map


My simplifying journey started out when I spent a weekend decluttering my wardrobe.

I’d had enough of not being able to find anything to wear and fed up of looking like something the cat had dragged in. I’d become totally resentful that my kids and work commitments meant that early frantic mornings left me little time to make myself look good and more importantly, feel good, each morning.

It wasn’t their fault though, it was mine for not getting myself sorted!

  • Decluttering my wardrobe bought instant benefits so I carried on decluttering the rest of my home – the toys, the kitchen, the garage and so on.
  • Owning less stuff created more time, space and energy for other things that I wanted to do instead.
  • Decluttering was the first step and it was how I learnt, first-hand, that decluttering was a great solution to many problems and it began my journey to a more intentional life that supports me.
  • Decluttering isn’t always easy and there are some tips you can use to get started.
  • Don’t let lack of time or lack of support at home put you off. With a few strategies in place, anyone can declutter their home – you just need to be a little creative!

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However, I soon learnt that the benefits of decluttering were only as good as long as they lasted! The clutter soon crept back if I didn’t stay on top of it and those benefits disappeared as fast as the clutter reappeared. It was so frustrating!

I found that the only way to keep a decluttered home was to change my relationship with my belongings. This is how I became Minimalist.

Becoming Minimalist meant that I no longer kept random stuff that I didn’t really want or need. More than a simple act of throwing out the clutter, Minimalism was more of a lifestyle and mindset shift where I needed less physical possessions and actual stuff just to make me happy.

I shopped more mindfully and pared my possessions down to the minimum. I never felt I was losing out by becoming Minimalist as I was only ever getting rid of the things that weren’t important to me so I didn’t miss them if I didn’t have them anymore!

“Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value, and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.” (Joshua Becker)

My Minimalist lifestyle and approach didn’t stop there. I found that Minimalism could be applied to different areas of my life including my calendar, my goals and my eating habits. It was just a question of using the same Minimalist principles – in a nutshell, keep what’s important and get rid of the rest. The benefits are huge!

What Is Minimalism


Eliminating the excess in my life bought about a complete change. I found that I naturally chose less of a lot of things. I wanted less stress in my life, less clutter in my home, less complicated finances, less fancy recipes, less commitments in my diary. 

More specifically, I wanted less of the things that wore me down and more of the things that lifted me up.

I naturally gravitated to simple – a simpler lifestyle, a simpler schedule, a simpler self care routine, a simpler way of setting goals.

A simpler life isn’t necessarily an easy life but it does make things eas-IER.

This is why I like to write about simple living. A simpler lifestyle doesn’t have a label or a definition. It’s not encumbered with statistics about how many possessions you have.

Simple living is about intentionally choosing and including in your life what’s right for you. There are no rules, no measurements, no notion of going without. And that leads me on to the next step of my journey…

Simplify Your Life


I believe that intentional living is where decluttering, minimalism and simple living all come together.

  • If you make the effort and take action to declutter your home then you’re being intentional.
  • If you look into minimalism and the concept of needing and having less stuff and try it out for yourself, then you’re being intentional.
  • If you make a conscious choice to make your life less complicated and therefore so much easier, then you’re being intentional.

Intentional living underpins all these because it means you’re being purposeful, deliberate and INTENTIONAL about creating your best life.

You decide changes need to be made and you make them. You don’t wait around for them to happen to you.

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