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The power of silence


The focus of this small simplicity challenge is to help you listen to yourself, instead of the world around you.

Your challenge for today is to sit still for 5 minutes.


The power of silence is an amazing thing.

In our busy lives, we have so much noise to distract us that our own thoughts get drowned out. We don’t realise what we’ve been thinking about, what’s worrying us or niggling at us. The thoughts fester, build up and just make us feel overwhelmed, grumpy, anxious or frustrated and sometimes we don’t even know why.

We’ve tuned out of our own minds and tuned in to the world around us instead.


Your challenge

Today I want you to sit still and quiet for 5 minutes.

I’d like you to choose a quiet time. It could be first thing in the morning before the house wakes up or last thing at night before you go to sleep. Maybe when the kids are at school or taking a nap, or in your lunch break at work.

  • Find a quiet place where you’re unlikely to be disturbed
  • Sit down and make yourself comfortable
  • Set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes
  • Try not to get distracted
  • What thoughts come to mind? Make a mental note to remember them and write them down afterwards if you’d like


When the 5 minutes is over, dissect your thoughts.

  • Were they positive and upbeat? Dreams, ambitions, goals, successes? Or were they worries or things that you’d remembered you’ve got to do?
  • Did you find it really difficult to sit in silence with just your own thoughts for company?
  • Did it make you uncomfortable?
  • Were you prepared to feel like that or was it a surprise?

When we have silence there’s nowhere to hide.


Take time to think about the overall nuance of your thoughts. Happy, sad, anxious and so on.

Take action on the thoughts that require actioning and repeat the whole exercise again tomorrow. Do you get the same results?

Further reading


Thank you for joining me in this small simplicity challenge.

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