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Things to Declutter in February to Simplify Your Home and Life

Things to Declutter in February to Simplify Your Home and Life


The long month of January is over and the month of love is here! Show your home some love and care this month by getting rid of the stuff that clutters your space with my list of things to declutter in February.


Here are 28 things to declutter in February to simplify your home and life this month.

  1. Excess mugs you don’t use – Keep your favourites and the ones you reach for regularly.
  2. Excess glassware you don’t use – No need for them to take up space in your cupboards if they don’t ever see the light of day.
  3. Excess plates you don’t use – How many do you regularly use? Think about getting recyclable disposable plates for parties.
  4. Excess knives, forks and other cutlery you don’t use – Except maybe teaspoons which always tend to disappear (or is that just in my home!?).
  5. Stale food – Check the back of the fridge.
  6. Food that’s past its best before date – You might have a bit of leeway with this, but use it as a good guide for whether to keep something or not.
  7. Spices you never use – Try out some recipes with them or get rid of them.
  8. Serving dishes you never use – Donate to a good cause.
  9. Stuff in the freezer that’s been there for years – Take everything out, sort through and label it.
  10. Cleaning products you bought but never use – They just take up space.
  11. Scarves you never use – Donate or recycle.
  12. Handbags you never use – Are they too big, too small, don’t fasten properly, feel uncomfortable to wear, no longer of a style you like?
  13. Pictures hanging on the walls that you don’t really like – These just make your home look cluttered.
  14. Photos on the shelves you don’t really like – As above. Choose your favourites, get rid of the rest.
  15. Ornaments on the shelves you don’t really like – As above.
  16. Anything on your bedside table that you don’t need for that night – Your bedroom should be a calm, decluttered space.
  17. Bath toys that your kids never use – The bathroom is not for toy storage.
  18. Hair accessories your daughter never wears – Time for them to go.
  19. Hair accessories that have bits missing or have lost their elasticity – As above. Replace if needed.
  20. Old diaries that you’ve kept but not sure whySentimental items are tough. Get clear on why you’re kept them.
  21. ‘Just in case’ items – Could you borrow or rent the item again? How many ‘just in case’ moments have you had?
  22. Pieces of spare fabric that you never get around to using – Be ruthless!
  23. Spare bits of gift wrap that you’ll never use – As above!
  24. Old medicines that are past their expiry date – Re-stock next time you’re at the shops.
  25. Baby wipes that have dried up – Replenish if you use them.
  26. Clothes hangers that you don’t use – Otherwise they take up valuable space.
  27. Broken tools – Repair, replace, declutter.
  28. Garden tools that you never use – Declutter.


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I hope you enjoyed this list of things to declutter in February. There’s an item for each day of the month. If you’d like to carry on decluttering your home, your time and your life, check out my FREE Declutter Starter Kit. It’s packed full of helpful decluttering tips, projects and advice to get you started.


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Sunday 16th of February 2020

Re 6: best before date just means that it doesn't taste as perfect as the manufacturer wants. It's still perfectly fine to eat. Use your judgement (smell, look, possibly taste) as to whether it's still good to eat. I once used sour cream 3 months out of date and it was totally fine.

Balance Through Simplicity

Sunday 16th of February 2020

Hi Julia, yes that's a very good point. Thank you for adding that!

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