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Things to Declutter in January to Simplify Your Home and Life

Things to Declutter in January to Simplify Your Home and Life


January heralds the start of the new year. Make space for change with this list of things to declutter in January.


The start of the year is the perfect to time to clear your clutter and have a fresh start. Here are some projects you could follow to declutter in January and simplify your space, one day at a time!

This month we’re focusing on your clothes, the bathroom and beauty products, books, toys plus a few other projects around the home to clear your clutter and make room to welcome in the new year.


Here are 31 things to declutter in January. Simple daily projects to help you declutter your home, one day at a time!

  1. Clothes you never wear – Sort through your closet and pull out pieces that you don’t like, don’t fit or don’t feel comfortable in. Donate or recycle them.
  2. Damaged clothes – If you have clothes that are stained, mis-shapen or can’t be mended, recycle or throw them.
  3. Stained clothes – Try a last attempt to get rid of the stain and if that doesn’t work, recycle the item or use for gardening, decorating or as a rag.
  4. Broken toys – If they can’t be fixed or repurposed, get rid of them.
  5. Odd socks – Have a good look for the missing pair and if you can’t find it, get rid of the lonely odd one!
  6. Pens without lids – Check to see if they still work. If not, there’s not much point keeping them.
  7. Old magazines – Recycle.
  8. Books you’ve never read – Either commit to reading them or donate them if you’re not going to. Why haven’t you read them? Are they an unwanted gift or because you haven’t had time?
  9. Books you’ve read but will never read again – You can always borrow them from the library if you want to re-read them.
  10. Earrings that don’t have a pair
  11. Broken jewellery – If it can’t be fixed or repurposed, get rid of it.
  12. Clothes that don’t fit – Don’t clutter your wardrobe with clothes that don’t fit your body right now. It’s frustrating and demoralising to be greeted by clothes you no longer fit into every time you open your wardrobe doors!
  13. Clothes that you haven’t worn in the last 2 years – Do you really need to keep them still?
  14. Maternity clothes that you won’t use again – Donate them to someone who can make use of them.
  15. Towels that have holes – Use them for the dog or as rags for DIY etc
  16. Towels that are threadbare – Declutter your bathroom whilst you’re at it!
  17. Bath products that you haven’t used in a year – Do you not like the smell, do they irritate your skin, or are they luxury items that you’ve been saving but haven’t found the time? Use them now if you can.
  18. Cosmetics that you haven’t used in months –  They’re probably a bit stale, dry or not very hygienic.
  19. Old nail varnish bottles – Do you use them, if not, choose some to get rid of.
  20. Extra sets of bed linen that you no longer need – Do you have others you prefer to use or perhaps they don’t fit your current beds. Have one set on the go and a spare set for the laundry per person/bed. Donate or recycle the rest.
  21. Bed linen that is torn or worn – Replace, recycle or use as rags.
  22. Extra towels that you don’t need – How many towels does your home and family really need?
  23. Toys that your kids have grown out of – Donate them to a good cause.
  24. Old kids’ clothes – That are damaged or have holes in them.
  25. Jigsaw puzzles with pieces missing – Read more about decluttering toys.
  26. Paints and play dough – That your kids don’t use any more or are dried out.
  27. Bedding that doesn’t fit the beds you currently have – As before.
  28. Your kids’ artwork that you don’t want to keep – Take photos so you have a memento and then discard. Do this regularly so you don’t get a pile-up!
  29. Christmas decorations – As you pack away the baubles and tinsel, take a moment to get rid of anything that’s broken or you don’t like anymore.
  30. Your bedside table – Declutter the rest of your bedroom too if you can.
  31. Kitchen gadgets you don’t use – Why let them clutter up your counters and cupboards?
Things to declutter in January


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I hope you enjoyed this list of things to declutter in January. There’s an item for each day of the month. If you’d like to carry on decluttering your home, your time and your life, check out my FREE Declutter Starter Kit. It’s packed full of helpful decluttering tips, projects and advice to get you started.


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