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Things to Declutter in October to Simplify Your Home and Life

Things to Declutter in October to Simplify Your Home and Life

If you’re looking for some decluttering projects to try for yourself at home, then check out this handy list of things to declutter in October. There are big and small daily projects to clear the clutter from your home, declutter your time, get organised and generally simplify your life.


Decluttering your home can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of stuff, don’t have much time, or just don’t know where to start. It’s common to feel daunted, I felt like that too and it’s a common obstacle that can stop us in our tracks.

One of the best ways to start decluttering is to break it down into small, simple decluttering projects. Not only is this helpful when you want to declutter but don’t have time, but it FEELS easier… and when something feels easier, we’re much more likely to do it!

In this article I’m sharing 31 decluttering projects for October. This is part of my monthly decluttering series where I encourage you to declutter your home, step-by-step, day-by-day. Not only will your home have less clutter but it gives you the opportunity to build up a decluttering habit.

A decluttering habit is really important for a clutter-free home and life because it will help you get used to decluttering and dealing with your clutter as part of your regular everyday routine.

Clutter will always creep back into your home so decluttering habits and strategies to tackle that clutter every day will be key to keeping your home clutter-free, way beyond the initial decluttering.

So, if you’d like to take part in this month’s decluttering challenge and get rid of 31 unwanted items from your home and life, keep reading!


Before we start, I also just want to remind you that clutter isn’t just the physical stuff taking up space in your home. It could be clutter in your schedule, your mind, your relationships. Clutter is anything that doesn’t support you, add value, have purpose or that you don’t appreciate. What you think clutters your life might be different to what I think clutters mine, but understanding what clutter means to you, is the key to making sure your clutter stays away.

The list below contains some ideas for clearing clutter from your home, but also some of the intangible and invisible clutter from your life. I hope they give you some suggestions and food for thought as you declutter and simplify your own life!


If you find one of the projects particularly difficult, don’t give up. I’ve chosen a list of things to declutter in October which might be cluttering your home and life, but if you’d like to swap one or two things out for something else that’s cluttering YOUR life, then feel free.

As I said, the aim is to help you declutter, little by little, and build up that decluttering habit. Exactly what you throw out is up to you, these are just ideas.

If you’d like some other tips, here are a couple of articles which you might find helpful:

  1. Your plans for Christmas – Make Christmas a little simpler and more magical for both you and the kids by planning ahead and getting organised. Sort through your Christmas decorations, any gift wrap or cards you might want to use and any gifts that you’ve bought already in preparation for this year. Make a list of anything you need to buy and get rid of what you don’t want to keep (donate, recycle or throw).
  2. Relationships that don’t truly support you – Identify which relationships are important to you, add value to your life and really mean something to you. Build and strengthen these and find ways to filter out the relationships that aren’t based on mutual support, trust and respect. Always be kind and there for others but you don’t have to be the one that always gives out.
  3. Things that make you unhappy – Find ways to be happier, put a smile on your face and on those around you! If you find it difficult to decide what makes you happy, try thinking about it the other way around. Make a list of 5 things that make you UNhappy. Can you do anything to remove, avoid or reduce them?
  4. Double-booking yourself – Stop running around because time is tight. Declutter your calendar so you have more wiggle room and more free time. Learn to say no (and be comfortable with it). Postpone something until you have more time.
  5. Keyrings you don’t need – Whilst you’re at it, check whether you still need all the keys too! Clutter doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Little things contribute to the clutter in our life too.
  6. Your kitchen junk drawer – We all have one of these although it might not be a drawer and it might not be in your kitchen. It’s a catch-all place where you dump stuff that needs sorting out from time to time. Do it this month!
  7. The storage under your bed – Out of season clothing, spare bedding, extra blankets? Work out what you need to keep and donate/throw/recycle the rest. Just because you can’t see the clutter under your bed doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Same goes for any other cupboards, drawers or spaces where your clutter might be lurking unseen!
  8. Camping equipment – Are you going to use it again? Is it in full working order, looked after and carefully stored? If you’re going to use it and enjoy using it (albeit not very often) then keep it. If you don’t intend to camp again and don’t enjoy it, then do you want it cluttering up your space? This is an example of where clutter means different things to different people.
  9. Tools that you don’t use – If you don’t know how to use them, have never used them or they’re broken, do you really need to keep them?
  10. Paintbrushes and decorating supplies – Check for old paint that’s gone off, paintbrushes that are past their best and any other materials that you don’t use.
  11. Things that you don’t really need and could give to charity – Somebody else could put them to good use.
  12. Unwanted gifts – Just because someone gave it to you, doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Pass on to a friend or recycle or donate instead.
  13. Expired coupons and vouchers – If they’ve expired, they’re probably of no use! If you’ve looked through your purse, bag or wallet to find these coupons, why not declutter the rest of your purse, bag or wallet now too?
  14. Anything that you haven’t worn in the last year – No need to clutter up your space with things you’re not likely to wear. There could be a few exceptions here such as maternity clothes, or items for special occasions. However, in terms of everyday clothes that you wear regularly, have a look through and see if there’s anything you haven’t worn. What’s the reason? Is it uncomfortable, too tight, itchy? Is that reason likely to change so you’d like to wear it and if not, do you really need to keep it?
  15. Pet supplies – Check for out-of-date food and medicines.
  16. Seasonal clothes that could be put into storage – Coats when it’s hot outside, shorts when it’s freezing? Go through your seasonal clothes before you put them away until the weather changes.
  17. Stuff on top of the wardrobe that you’d forgotten about – Can you see it? It’s still there even if it’s out of sight!
  18. Stuff that’s squashed into your wardrobe that you’d forgotten about – Pull it out now and re-home it. Wardrobes are for clothes only!
  19. Old school reports for the kids which you can scan and save electronically – Same goes for other important documents and sentimental items the kids created.
  20. Tax and VAT records that you no longer need – Check how long you need to keep these before you dispose of them though!
  21. Debt – Identify how much you owe and come up with a plan for paying it off at a rate you can afford.
  22. Too many credit cards – Credit cards can be useful but use them wisely.
  23. Memberships to gym clubs etc – If you use your memberships then keep them. If not, cancel them and use or save the money in a more useful way.
  24. Subscriptions you never use – As for memberships above! Decluttering and simplifying life isn’t about never buying anything but it is about spending wisely on things that enrich your life instead of cluttering it.
  25. Your time – Declutter your time like you declutter your stuff.
  26. Things you bought which seemed a good idea at the time but you never use – Think about what you could have done with the money and shop more mindfully in the future.
  27. Bad memories – We carry our memories with us but don’t let bad memories clutter your thoughts. 
  28. Any information that you can find on the internet if you need it – Instruction manuals or maps?
  29. Time looking mindlessly at social media – Limit your time looking into the lives of others and focus your time and energy on working on your own life!
  30. Hobby supplies you no longer enjoy – Declutter what you don’t use and don’t enjoy any more.
  31. Things that waste timeUse your time wisely and be mindful of how you spend your days.

If you enjoyed this post, you might like to take a look at declutter projects for other months in the year.

Each month I suggest a series of declutter projects. I hope they help you clear the clutter in your home, little by little and create space and calm for you too!

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I hope you enjoyed this list of things to declutter in October. There’s an item for each day of the month. If you’d like to carry on decluttering your home, your time and your life, check out my FREE Declutter Starter Kit. It’s packed full of helpful decluttering tips, projects and advice to get you started.