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Things To Do in March to Simplify Your Life

Things To Do in March to Simplify Your Life


Welcome to Spring, if the weather allows! The flower buds are beginning to come out in the garden and we’re heading out of the cold, dark winter into brighter days. Spring is in the air so it’s time to shake off the Winter blues and give our home and life a little spring clean! Check out this post for things to do in March to simplify your life!


“March” is named for the Roman god of war, Mars and it was the time of year when military campaigns that had been interrupted by Winter began again.

March (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) also sees the transition from the cold, darker Winter months to the beginning of Spring.

The clocks change, we celebrate Mother’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and get those Easter Egg hunts planned and animals begin waking from hibernation. It’s a busy month!

In this article I’m sharing 10 things to do in March to simplify your life and get a little bit more organised. I hope they help you spring-clean your home, your To Do list, your mind and your make-up (to name a few things!).


Here are 10 things to do in March to simplify your life this month.

1. Sort your garden shed

I know it’s not the most exciting of projects but this is a great time to get your shed ready for use in the warmer months. Pick a day when the weather is nice and pull everything out of the shed. Check through everything and discard or donate anything that you no longer need or use. This could be outdoor toys that your kids have grown out of, tools that are broken or you no longer use, for example. Give the shed a clean inside and out, paint the outside if it needs a coat of protective paint (or you fancy painting it another colour). Only put back what you know you’re going to use and really want to keep!

2. Delegate household chores

Everyone in your home, including your kids, can do their bit to help you around the home. It will save you time and it’s a good set of skills for your kids to learn and get used to helping with. Just make sure that the chores are age appropriate and you’re willing to relinquish some control! Let them sort and fold their own clean clothes, for example, and put them away in the drawers. The folding might not be as perfect as yours, but they’ve got to start somewhere and it will get better with practice! Check out my post on getting your kids to help around the home for some ideas.

3. Declutter instruction manuals

How many instruction manuals do you have in your home? Do you have all the items that they relate to? Or, do you still have instruction manuals for items that you no longer own? Collate all the manuals together. Identify any manuals for which you don’t have the items any longer and throw them away. With the remainder, take some time to take photos or scan each of the pages and save them digitally on your computer. Also, consider that these days it’s possible to find just about every instruction manual under the sun if you Google it, so do you really need to keep or save many of the manuals anyway?!

4. Easter cards and presents

If your family celebrates Easter then now is a good time to sort out Easter cards and presents. Maybe your children could make their own Easter cards? Make a list of presents you’d like to buy and get this done. Don’t forget to plan an Easter egg hunt or bake that Easter cake!

5. Spring-clean your mind daily

Here’s a little challenge for you! Every day in March can you do these three things every morning to declutter and spring-clean your mind?

  • Write down the top 3 most important things to get done that day.
  • Write down 3 things that you are most grateful for in your life
  • Write down the top 3 things that you like about yourself or are proud of yourself for.

Try this every day for the whole month.

It’ll take you about 5-10 minutes and it’ll encourage you to focus on getting rid or preventing the build-up of unnecessary clutter in our minds.

If you need more help, here are a couple of posts which you might like to read:

6. A pop of colour

If your home, like the weather outdoors, has seemed a bit dark and wintery for the last few months, why not bring a pop of colour into your home? Add a colourful cushion or swap around a piece of artwork (even hang up your kids’ artwork in a prominent place). A dash of colour can bring life and energy to a room. It’s quick to do and doesn’t have to cost much, if anything.

7. Knock something off your To Do list

Take a fresh look at your To Do list for the coming week or month. Can you decide to get something done today or in the next couple of days so you tick it off. Don’t forget about the Two Minute Rule from David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done. If something takes less than two minutes, get it done – right now!

Read more about writing a simple, effective To Do List.

8. Declutter your home

Try this list of things to declutter in March to clear the clutter from your home step-by-step. Decluttering doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time-consuming (although it may feel like that in the beginning!). Slow, steady progress will give you the same results but without stressing you out in the process.

9. Re-assess your make-up

As we go from Winter to Spring, not only can we freshen up our homes and wardrobes, but what about make-up? Sift through all your make-up, give all the brushes a clean, sort and tidy what you want to keep and throw anything that’s past its best. Go for colours that will bring a little Spring freshness to your face!

10. Tick off your monthly checklist

I created a simple checklist of things to do each month. It’s just a little tool to help you plan, prepare and make things easier for the month ahead. You can read the checklist here.

Things to do in March to simplify your life


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