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Declutter Any Room in Your Home Checklist

Declutter Any Room in Your Home checklist


Get your copy of the free Declutter Any Room in Your Home checklist to clear your clutter today!

Clutter can get in our way. It can trip us up, take up space, make our homes feel crowded and messy and it stops us doing things that we want to do. Clutter feels heavy and overwhelming.

But, the problem is also that decluttering itself can feel heavy and overwhelming! So unless we can find ways to declutter that work for us, then the clutter we DO have is often here to stay!


There’s a lot to be said for slowly decluttering, item by item. For researching, reading and planning. So you know in great detail how decluttering works and how you’re going to do it – perfectly.

But, this doesn’t really help so much when you just want to get rid of some stuff, clear some space and feel a bit lighter and freer. You need a clear, actionable strategy!

To help you come up with that STRATEGY, so that you don’t have to THINK about what you’re doing – you can just get on and DO the decluttering – I’ve created a step-by-step checklist to help you declutter any room in your home.

It might not be the 100% perfect solution to decluttering some of those crammed full spaces like your garage or shed but it WILL give you a process to follow for any room in your home where you just want to FINALLY get to grips with your clutter and make an impact.

Declutter any room in your home


Use this checklist to help guide you in decluttering any room in your home. Work through the steps, one-by-one, and tick them off as you go. I’ve included some links to further reading which you may find helpful! Good luck, have fun – you can do this!

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