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Embracing the minimalist lifestyle isn’t a one-off project you can do and tick off your list. In this article I’m sharing my own minimalist journey and how I took steps towards a simple and intentional life. More purpose and meaning with less of the stuff that gets in the way and holds us back.

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Minimalism is a popular movement for those who want to live a simpler, more intentional life, free from unnecessary clutter and distraction. Unfortunately, many misinterpret what a minimalist lifestyle really means. In this article I share 10 myths about minimalism and what I believe you need to know instead!

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As I’ve simplified my life over the years, I’ve discovered some unexpected and life-changing benefits of minimalism that reach way beyond just a clutter-free home. I’d like to share 11 of those benefits with you today to perhaps encourage you to explore the minimalist lifestyle for yourself.

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