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Home is where the heart is and for many it’s the hub of family life. Create a home that works well for you and your family and that’s also easier to keep clean, tidy and clutter-free. Try these 10 steps to creating a minimalist family home for family, not clutter and stress!

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As I’ve simplified my life over the years, I’ve discovered some unexpected and life-changing benefits of minimalism that reach way beyond just a clutter-free home. I’d like to share 11 of those benefits with you today to perhaps encourage you to explore the minimalist lifestyle for yourself.

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Minimalism is a wonderful way of making sure that your life is heading in the direction you want it to, with plenty of time, space and freedom for honouring the things that matter most to you. Here are 18 minimalist lifestyle tips and ideas on how to embrace minimalist living every day.

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