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Today’s world seems to be about getting things done quick. We want the easiest hack to getting what we want in the fastest way possible but I’m not sure that this is always the best approach. In this article we look at slow decluttering and the benefits of decluttering slowly for a clutter-free home and life that’s more likely to stay like that!

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Sometimes life is busy and complicated. It feels even more difficult to try to simplify when we can’t press the pause button on that life and work out what to simplify, let alone how to do it. Here are 32 practical ways to declutter your life today if you’re craving more time, space and ease in your every day.

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The minimalist lifestyle is about living clutter-free and with intention. There are so many ways that the minimalist lifestyle can benefit introverts and in this article I share my thoughts on minimalism for introverts who crave peace, quiet and self-reflection in a busy, overwhelming world.

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