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Modern life can be tough. We’re encouraged from every angle to do more, achieve more, buy more, BE more… Yet more of all these things doesn’t mean that we’re happier or more fulfilled. It didn’t for me and that’s why I created this site.

Every month, thousands of people come to my site searching for something. Perhaps as a reaction against their busy life or perhaps because they’re feeling overstretched, out of sync with their life or just ready for a change.

If you’re reading this because you feel the same, then please know you’re not alone!


A 19-page PDF packed with simple tips and easy projects to clear clutter from your home, heart, schedule and mind.

This workbook is the perfect starting point to help you find more time, space and freedom for what truly matters to you.


A few years ago, I was feeling all of this and more. I was trying to do ‘all the things’, juggling a career with a young family, running on adrenalin and coffee and always chasing my tail. I was tired, frustrated and overstretched. Sound familiar?!

A melt-down at work forced me to re-think things. I researched ways to make life easier, carve out more time, swap stress for space and enjoy my kids and my life right now instead of always playing catch-up.

I found websites talking about living a simpler life. Clearing the clutter, slowing down, owning less but living more, finding direction and aligning everyday choices with priorities that I’d chosen (instead of what my busy, overstuffed home and life was choosing for me). This was my first introduction to minimalism and simple, intentional living.

I was intrigued, excited but uncertain. I didn’t know if it was going to work for me but I was ready for the challenge and to see what was on the other side…

Through a series of small, sustained steps my life changed in subtle but profound ways.

This website is a space where I share what I’ve learnt. If you’re feeling stuck in life or ready for change, I hope I can support and encourage you to find another way… a simpler way.

Life won’t always be easy or perfect but I do believe you can find a better balance through simplicity!

Simplify Your Life road map

If you have a moment, take a look at some of these articles to give you a snapshot of what I write about. In the blog archives, you’ll find many articles on decluttering, simplifying, time management, self-care, mindset, personal growth and much more!


Begin your own intentional living journey and stop settling for a life half-lived!

Find your focus, carve out more time and create more freedom. This is a small course with a big purpose!


I understand it can be difficult knowing where or how to start so here are some suggestions for when you’re ready…

If you have any questions, feedback or comments you’d like to share, please email me at I’d love to hear from you and I do my best to reply to every email I receive.

Antonia x


P.S. Just a quick note: You won’t find any annoying ads or sponsored posts on my site (except for being an Amazon affiliate). I offer a selection of resources, some of which I charge for, to support and inspire your simplicity journey. These contribute to the running costs of this site and help me offer lots of other totally free content for you!