Modern life can be tough. We’re encouraged from every angle to do more, achieve more, buy more, BE more… But more of all these things doesn’t mean that we’re more happy or more fulfilled. Quite the opposite sometimes.

This space is a place where I encourage you to simplify life and create more space, time and energy for what’s truly important to YOU!

  • Instead of the constant rushing around, feeling worn out or worn down, you can make things easier by making them simpler
  • Rather than feeling resentful or like you’re missing out on a better life or doing things wrong, you can take action over your life instead of wishing you had someone else’s.

Whether you’ve got little kids or no kids, career or not, we all wish for more space, time and energy to focus on what really matters to us.

I understand it’s difficult knowing where or how to start, especially when it feels like you’ve got no free time or freedom to try new things. Sometimes, we don’t even know what’s wrong. We just feel unsettled or out of sync. Sound familiar? I hear you and I’ve been there too!

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After years of juggling a hectic work schedule with raising a young family, I finally reached burn-out. Things needed to change and it was up to me to make that happen.

From decluttering my home to simplifying virtually every aspect of my life through a series of intentional and deliberate decisions, I’ve made things so much easier and simpler.

I set up this site to give you practical solutions, inspiration, encouragement and confidence to lighten your load and create a life that supports you and your family.

I’m so pleased you’ve found my little corner of the internet and I hope you’ll return many times now that you’ve found me!


Through the ups and downs of my own life, I’ve learnt that simpler is often easier so you can really focus on what’s important to you without clutter and distraction.

I created this site about simple and intentional living to help you find balance through simplicity. Underpinning everything that I write about is my passion for inspiring a clutter-free, simpler and more intentional life which will help you navigate the challenges of daily life with energy, strength and a smile on your face!


What most of us really want is to be able to focus our time and energy on what’s really important to us and the memories we’ll cherish in years to come.

Balance Through Simplicity is the name of my site. Balance doesn’t mean life will always be perfect but it does mean that you can find your own natural equilibrium without the distraction of clutter, unplanned events and daily challenges to throw you off balance or send you in the wrong direction!

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