I’m Antonia and I’m passionate about helping busy people simplify life to create more space, time and freedom for what really matters to them.

Are you feeling overwhelmed or overstretched by your busy life? Are your days so full of things you need to do that you never have time for what you want to do? Does life feel like a hamster wheel where the faster you run, the faster it goes and the more difficult it is to pause and take a breath? Or, perhaps you just feel a little out of sorts or out of sync with life and need some clarity and direction?

If this sounds familiar then, my friend, Balance Through Simplicity is here for you!


A few years ago, I was feeling like this too. I was worn out and worn down but finding ways to simplify my life, swap clutter for calm and stress for space changed everything. I can juggle work, family and daily life with an ease and freedom that my over-stuffed home and life never permitted before.

But it wasn’t always like this…

Before discovering that simplicity was the key to a life with less stuff and more life, I was getting through my days fuelled by coffee and ticking off a never-ending to do list. I tried (unsuccessfully) to get rid of stuff, switched jobs, planned more holidays, all in an effort to feel less tired and more in control – a life on auto-pilot.

Nothing worked until I changed my approach. Instead of focusing on the stuff in my life, I focused on what was really important to me… and let the rest go.

About Balance Through Simplicity

Defining my priorities, taking care of myself, managing my time better and getting clear on what I wanted from this precious life of mine was the catalyst for big change and a better quality of life, for my whole family. To use the name of my website, I found balance through simplicity – not a perfect life, but an easier life.

I hear so many stories from readers who are struggling. Whether it’s managing the home, needing to be more organised and stop wasting time, feeling guilty for wanting some me-time, drifting through the days, needing direction or TLC, so many people are feeling stuck. Stuck in a life that’s happening TO them, not BECAUSE of them – a life on purpose.

Life is too precious to settle for just getting by and this is where I want to reach out to you to help.


Balance Through Simplicity is for anyone who’s had enough of struggling through their days. Modern life encourages us to BE more, DO more, HAVE more and ACHIEVE more but more of all these things doesn’t mean we’re happier or more fulfilled.

If you want to find a different way, get clear on what truly matters in your own life and find ways to honour this every day, you’re in the right place.

I’ll help you clear the clutter in your home, schedule, heart and mind and live a life on purpose, not on autopilot.

About Me

I’m Antonia, mum of 2 feisty, strong-willed girls and 6 step-kids (yes, 6!).
Over the years I’ve worked with families of children with special needs before moving on to HR, marketing and IT and then taking a leap of faith and joining my husband in our own family business. This path, whilst juggling the needs of a busy family, has given me a unique set of skills and experience which I share with you here.

This website is my passion project, calm space and creative outlet. It’s also where I teach everything I’ve learnt from years of following my own simplicity journey, cutting through the clutter, prioritising what’s important and how, what and why to make that happen.

I’ve built up some wonderful and loyal readers over the years and helped many, many others. I’d like to help you too so you don’t make the same mistakes I made!


If you’re feeling stuck in life or ready for change, I hope I can support and encourage you to find another way… a simpler way. Life won’t always be easy or perfect but I do believe you can find a better balance through simplicity!


When you’re ready, here are some suggestions for your next step…

If you’d like to contact me, share your thoughts, introduce yourself, provide feedback or ask a question, I’d love to hear from you! Please drop me an email to hello@balancethroughsimplicity.com.

Antonia x

P.S. Just a quick note: You won’t find any annoying ads or sponsored posts on my site. I offer a selection of resources, some of which I charge for, to support and inspire your simplicity journey. These contribute to the running costs of this site and help me offer lots of other totally free content for you!


A free 19-page workbook packed with advice, tips and quick projects to clear clutter from your home, heart, schedule and mind. Let’s create more time, space and freedom for what truly matters to you. Learn more here…