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About Me – Balance Through Simplicity

About Me

Hi, I’m Antonia and I help busy, overwhelmed people declutter and simplify their lives to create more time, space and freedom and find a better balance through simplicity. Overcome overwhelm and create a meaningful life you love.

If this sounds like something you need, I’d love to help!


  • Are you STRUGGLING through your days with TOO MUCH TO DO and NOT ENOUGH TIME to do it in?
  • Does your HOME take up your time and energy and feel more of a BURDEN instead of a peaceful haven?
  • Do you wish you had more FREE TIME for doing the things that matter to you, but your BUSY LIFE never seems to give you a break?
  • Does your schedule and life feel OVERSTUFFED and pulling you in a hundred different directions so you feel FRUSTRATED, TIRED, WORN DOWN and sometimes even ANGRY or RESENTFUL – maybe even all of these?

Well, my friend, Balance Through Simplicity is for you!


Over the past decade I’ve learnt to declutter my home and simplify my life in every way, all whilst juggling a demanding job and raising a young family.

I know what it’s like to want and even NEED change but not have the mental space or free time to make those changes happen. We can’t put life on hold whilst we work out exactly WHAT needs to change – let alone HOW to do it!

I would’ve loved to press the pause button on my busy life. To give myself a few weeks off to get my home and life back on track and find time to explore how I was feeling and what I was thinking. But, the reality and demands of my every day life made that feel impossible.

Perhaps it’s the same for you too?

So, instead, I found ways to make small, steady, practical but consistent changes, one baby step at a time.

I made lots of mistakes and tried things that just didn’t really end up making my life easier at all (they only added to my To Do list). I spent so much precious time working out WHAT I needed to change before I could even start to think about HOW to make those changes a reality.

I discovered that simplifying my life was, in itself, far from simple and easy! Worth it, yes, but it takes time, patience and some soul-searching. This is doubly tough when you’re already feeling tired and stressed out! Sound familiar?

So, to share what I’ve learnt and if you’re feeling like I once did, give you some practical, actionable steps to overcome the overwhelm and find ease and joy out of stress and rush, I created Balance Through Simplicity.

About Balance Through Simplicity


Well, if anything I’ve shared resonates with you, then it’s because I know how you feel. I was that stressed out, worn down busy person. Running on coffee and adrenalin, doing ‘all the things’, wishing for some free time, a moment to myself, a home that would run itself and having an overloaded brain and schedule that kept me awake in the middle of the night.

I know how it feels to juggle the work-life balance and be stretched in every direction. Putting on a brave face but crying out for more (or at least, different) on the inside.

So, if you’re running on empty, need a change, an easier and less stressful way of doing things and you’re feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered home, heart, mind and schedule – I know how you feel.

But I found a way out, through decluttering, simplifying, getting organised and intentionally focusing on my goals and priorities in life (not what my never-ending To Do list said was more important!). I’d like to share all that with you on my little corner of the internet, Balance Through Simplicity.

I currently work with my husband in our family business and run this blog so it’s really like having two jobs. Before that, I’ve had various roles in management, HR, marketing, project management and strategy and development. All alongside the challenges that many of us face with raising kids, supporting friends and family and navigating mental health, physical and financial worries.

It’s a combination that gives me some personal insight and professional experience to help others in the best way I can.

I can’t guarantee you’ll create an easy life (life’s unpredictable, right?!). Hopefully, though, it could be a much easIER life – one that you’ll be grateful for and excited to be waking up to each and every day.

About Me


When I was looking for a different way of doing things, it would’ve really helped me to find all the information and tips I needed in one place. Over the past few years, and drawing on a decade of personal experience in simplifying a complicated life, that’s been the goal of my website.

I’ve been featured in the Observer, BBC Radio Sheffield, Introvert Spring, Optimal Living Daily, New York Times Well, and more and love to share the benefits of simplicity with thousands of monthly readers, a growing email list, students who’ve explored my courses and resources and whoever else might need it!

I’ve simplified my life in so many ways and I’d like to share what I’ve learnt with you too. Perhaps I can help you create space to build a meaningful life you love and find a better balance through simplicity.

So, if you’re ready to go from living on autopilot to living with purpose, let’s get started!


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When I’m not at work or blogging, you’ll find me walking, enjoying murder mysteries on TV, drinking tea or reading a good book. I have a dog, husband, two daughters, aged 12 and 15, and step-sons who visit every other weekend. I love travelling and being by the sea, but for now, as an introvert with a busy life and lots on my plate, my favourite place is home. But I’m still planning my next travel adventure!


You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, subscribe to join my weekly email newsletter or get your free Declutter Starter Kit to help you start decluttering right away!

I love to hear from readers so please email me at [email protected] and say hello! I personally read every email and do my best to answer each of them.

Antonia x

P.S. I’m not currently accepting guest posts, links or reviews so requests for these may not be answered.