Hi, I’m Antonia. Welcome to Balance Through Simplicity (previously A Mum in Progress)! I’m so pleased you’ve found me and I hope you’ll grab a cup of tea or coffee and stay around a while!

This site was set up to encourage and inspire you to try a fulfilled, happier and (hopefully) easier life through simple and intentional living.

why I started blogging
Focus on the important and let the rest go

My background is in marketing, fundraising, HR and supporting families with rare diseases and I loved it. But, after trying to juggle a hectic work schedule with raising my family, I finally reached burn-out. I felt worn out, worn down, frustrated and unfulfilled. This wasn’t what my life (particularly as a Mum) was meant to look like and I needed to make some changes.

From decluttering my home to simplifying every aspect of my life through a series of intentional and deliberate decisions, I’ve made things so much easier and simpler. There are still days when everything goes pear-shaped and the unexpected happens but that’s ok. 

I’ve learnt to focus on the important things and let the rest go.

Less clutter = less stress

The research shows that the less clutter you have around you, the lower your stress levels and the better you can focus and concentrate.

So, let me help you declutter and simplify your life and get intentional about what you spend your time, energy and resources on.

And who am I?

I’m Antonia. I have a crazy, complicated family that consists of my husband, my two little girls, my step-kids and my dog. I love tea, my garden and I want to build my own house one day. I’m also a problem-solver, action-taker and don’t believe in letting life just pass me by!

I work full time, manage this site, look after my kids and run my home so I’m familiar with the challenges of being a busy Mum with loads to do!

Our kids span a large age gap and have varying needs and abilities, including one of whom is on the autistic spectrum. Every day is a new challenge!

I wouldn’t be able to fit everything in (and still have time to live my life instead of just getting through it) if it weren’t for the changes I’ve made. I know first-hand how a simpler, intentional life can help you lead a fuller, happier life and it makes a difference to me, every day!

I know it works and that’s why I created this site to inspire and encourage other busy people to cut through the clutter and be more intentional about their lives.


Your Intentional Life is a completely free 7-day email course that will make you look at your life differently. I’ll show you how to create a life that supports YOU so you can focus on your purpose, priorities and the things that are most important to you without clutter and distraction.


Home is where the heart is and it’s the first place most people start in their journey to a simpler life. The science backs it up that clutter = stress. When we’ve got too much clutter around us then we lose focus, get distracted and feel more stressed out. Declutter your home and the stuff you no longer need or want and you’ll do much more than just create extra space. There’ll be less things to tidy up and clean and your home will be calmer, easier to look after and not such a burden on your time and energy. More time and energy for other things!

What to expect on my blog about decluttering…

4 clutter-busting daily routines

Minimalism sometimes gets a bad wrap and I think this is because it’s often misunderstood. Minimalism can be about white walls and bare floors or throwing everything out and seeing if you can live with as little as possible, but there’s much more to it than this. Minimalism is a lifestyle and way of thinking that encourages you to focus on what’s really important in your life. Do you really need all the stuff you buy at the shops? Do you really like being able to say you’re so busy and want a diary that’s so crammed full that you’ve got no free time? Minimalism is an approach to life that asks you to question your priorities. What will you and your kids remember in years to come?

What to expect on my blog about Minimalism…

Simple and Intentional Living

Simple living is where decluttering and minimalism all come together! After decluttering the home, using Minimalism to declutter the rest of your life (and keeping it that way!), living an intentionally simple life is (in my opinion!) the best life you can create for you and your family.

Simple doesn’t mean a life without, it just means a life that’s intentionally without the clutter that distracts. A simple life is full of the things that are important to us.

What to expect on my blog about simple living…

Balance Through Simplicity By Simple Living
And just before you go…

Now you know a little bit more about what I’ve got to offer, I hope you’ll enjoy my site and what I write about. If you don’t think it’s for you, or you’re not in the right stage of life to make big changes, then that’s fine! I understand that simple living as a lifestyle isn’t a priority for everyone.

But, if you’re on the fence have a think about your life, what IS important to you and focus on that. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in all of this, you need to be open to the possibility of change before you can make the changes for real! Good luck!