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Modern life can be tough. We’re encouraged from every angle to do more, achieve more, buy more, BE more… But more of all these things doesn’t mean that we’re more happy or more fulfilled. Quite the opposite sometimes.

This space is a place where I encourage you to simplify life and create more space, time and energy for what’s truly important to YOU!

  • Instead of the constant rushing around, feeling worn out or worn down, you can make things easier by making them simpler
  • Rather than feeling resentful or like you’re missing out on a better life or doing things wrong, you can take action over your life instead of wishing you had someone else’s.

Learn the essential steps to simplify your life and don’t settle for just getting by!

Find your focus, carve out more time and create more freedom. This is a small course with a big purpose!


A few years ago I was worn out and stressed out. I was juggling a full time career with young kids, burning the candle at both ends, fuelled by coffee and hindered by insomnia.

It all got too much and a melt-down at work made me realise that things needed to change, and it was up to me to make those changes. This experience was the catalyst for a whole new chapter, part of which is this blog…

The changes I made taught me that a simpler life can be fuller and more fulfilling in so many ways.

I created this site about simple and intentional living to help you find balance through simplicity. Underpinning everything that I write about is my passion for inspiring a clutter-free, simpler and more intentional life which will help you navigate the challenges of daily life with energy, strength and a smile on your face!

*Just a quick note – You won’t find annoying ads or sponsored posts on my site. I offer a selection of resources, some of which I charge for, to support and inspire your simplicity journey. These contribute to the running costs for this site and help me offer lots of other totally free content for you.


I understand it’s difficult and daunting knowing where or how to start, especially when it feels like you’ve got no free time, energy or space to try new things. Sometimes, we don’t even know what’s wrong. We just feel unsettled or out of sync.

Sound familiar? I hear you and I’ve been there too!

Here are some suggestions for when you’re ready…

If you have any questions, feedback or comments you’d like to share, please email me at I’d love to hear from you and I do my best to reply to every email I receive.

Antonia x

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