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About Me

About Me


Hello, I’m Antonia and welcome to Balance Through Simplicity. I’m so pleased you’re here! I’m a mother of two feisty, strong-willed girls, step-parent, wife and business owner. I live in the UK so I spell organise with an ‘s’!

Decluttering my home and simplifying my life were the changes that saved me when I was at my lowest point, struggling to juggle a young family, busy career and a million other things – all day, every day.

It came to a head one day when I broke down at work and was encouraged to go home to ‘sort myself out’. This difficult experience became the catalyst for wonderful change and I haven’t looked back!

This website is my passion project, calm space, creative outlet and business. With thousands of readers every day, I love to share and teach through my blog what I’ve learnt over the past 10 years in making these changes and simplifying life in case it might help you too.

I’ve raised a young family whilst working full-time and gone from being employed to business owner whilst running this blog alongside. And, that means I’ve had to be simple but strategic about my home, time and life so I can prioritise what matters to me.

I’ve been featured in the Observer, BBC Radio Sheffield, Introvert Spring, Optimal Living Daily, and more and love to share the benefits of simplicity with whoever might need it!


When I look back on it, I think life had caught up on me without me even realising it. My days would be filled juggling my young family, managing the home and holding down my job. I was chasing, doing and achieving but at what expense? I tried to do and be ‘all the things’ but had no space for anything else. Maybe you feel like this too sometimes?

I felt stuck. I wanted to make the most of my life instead of feeling drowned by it.

Learning to declutter my home, simplify my life and choosing to make space for what mattered was how I became unstuck. I still have bills to pay, work, family and things to do… but I have a better balance and that balance can shift to whatever needs me the most. To use the name of this website, it’s balance through simplicity. Not perfect, but easier.


And, when everyday life became a little easier, I found I had more time for the things that really mattered to me. I was less tied to looking after my stuff, my home, my To Do list and being pushed and pulled in every direction.

A decluttered home and simplified life (or putting it another way, a life with ‘less stuff’) meant that I had more time and energy for my family, my kids, myself. These were, after all, much more important to me than a closet full of clothes, a schedule filled with party invitations or a perfectly curated home.

If someone else looked at my schedule, I wanted them to know what was important to me. In previous years, someone looking at that schedule would have said work, chores and chasing goals were the most important things in my life as that’s where I appeared to spend most of my time.

Of course, I still have work, chores and goals, but now these aren’t at the expense of my family, kids and me-time. My life is meaningful, better balanced and based on my priorities rather than how much stuff I have or how busy my calendar looks.

About Balance Through Simplicity


Decluttering my home, simplifying my life, creating space for what matters and making a better life for our family – and what I’ve learnt along the way – is what I share and teach here.

Here are some articles you might like to get to know me better and what I’m passionate about sharing:

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In my spare time I love to go for walks with my dog, sit by the sea, drink tea whilst reading a good crime fiction book, travel and see new places. Home is definitely where I feel happiest so when I’m not spending time with my kids or doing a bit of gardening, you’ll also find me decluttering and organising (in that order)!


If my story resonates with you or you’d like to explore how simplifying and decluttering could support you, I’d love to show you around my site and what I teach.

Start here for a tour.


Balance Through Simplicity is a personal blog, resources and website to help simplify and declutter life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, overstretched or you just want to find more meaning and joy in life whilst juggling the demands of your everyday life, this site is for YOU!

Through hundreds of blog posts, free resources and detailed guides and workbooks, you can learn how to declutter, simplify and organise your home, schedule and life in a way that really works for you.

What do you want to learn about?


Here are some different ways you can connect with me and receive simplicity and decluttering inspiration. I try to be mindful of how much I use social media, so email is best if you want to reach out, ask a question in my Facebook Group or you can DM me via Instagram. I’m always happy to help if I can!



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Email me: [email protected]


I hope you enjoy my site and learning how to declutter your home and simplify your life in a way that feels right to you.

Simplicity looks different to everyone but I encourage you to come with an open mind and heart, try things out and make changes slowly but steadily.

Antonia x

P.S. I’m not currently accepting new guest posts and don’t do sponsored posts, requests for links or product reviews. I’m afraid that requests for these may not be answered.

Due to the high volume of emails I receive, I will do my very best to reply but I do read every email though!