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Free Resources For You

Free Resources


Over the years I’ve created lots of free resources but to make it easier for you, I’ve gathered many of them here on this page. Take a look at the list below and click the links to learn more. I hope they help you declutter your home, manage and organise your time and simplify your life in different ways!

You’ll also find many more freebies dotted around my site so take a look around to see what you can find!


Free resources to help declutter your home and keep that clutter away!

  • Declutter Starter Kit: A workbook and guide packed with projects and tips to help you start decluttering your home and life – and keep that clutter away!
  • 40 Quick Declutter Projects Checklist: Want to declutter but short on time? Use this free checklist with 40 quick declutter projects which will each take you just 5 MINUTES OR LESS!
  • Declutter Jump-Start Plan: A free worksheet setting out your first 7 steps to start decluttering, right now!
  • Declutter Any Room in Your Home: A free printable checklist to help you DECLUTTER ANY ROOM in your home with ease and no stress!
  • Declutter Challenge: A free 30-day declutter challenge to kick-start your decluttering with simple projects to free up space, time and energy.
  • 100 Things to Get Rid of Today: A free worksheet with an easy list of 100 things to get rid of today. It’s split into ten sections around your home for some quick results.
  • Wardrobe Declutter Checklist: A free printable to help you declutter your clothes and make your wardrobe work for you and your life, without stress or hassle!


Free resources to help you make life easier and simpler.

  • Minimalism Jump-Start Guide: Explore a life with MORE OF WHAT MATTERS and LESS OF WHAT DOESN’T. A free 10-step guide to help you get started with minimalism today!
  • Setting Up Routines Toolkit: A workbook to help create flexible routines for your home. Keep your home clean and tidy with minimal effort and maximum ease!
  • Know Your Priorities: A free worksheet to help you get clear on your priorities and make time and space for them DAILY.
  • Simple Self-Care Workbook: A free 8-page download packed with simple, practical self-care ideas for when life is busy or you need easy, gentle TLC!
  • Mental Declutter Checklist: Do you feel overwhelmed and overloaded? Use this free Mental Declutter Checklist to help you find clarity and peace instead.
  • Simple Christmas Guide: The Simple Christmas Guide is a free PDF with with simple seasonal and festive tips to help you find more calm and peace over Christmas and the holidays.


Free resources to help you be productive and organised.

  • Tips to Simplify Your Day: A free printable to help you plan your day. Get things done and still find time and space for what matters to you.
  • Habit Tracker Printable: Ready to put some habits in place for your home, time or life? Stay on track with this free printable to chart your progress!
  • Schedule Your Priorities Worksheet: Feel like you’re always busy and doing things? Use this free worksheet to declutter and plan your schedule and make time for what matters to YOU!
  • Meal-Plan Template: A free template to help you meal-plan for the week ahead. Let’s make meal times easier and less stressful.
  • Monthly Checklist Printable: A free printable to help you plan and prepare for the month ahead with more ease, more time and less stress.
  • Goal-Setting Toolkit: A free workbook to guide you through the process of setting meaningful goals for your life (that really, really matter to you) and helping ensure you keep them!


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