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Intentional living is about making choices that align with your priorities and values. Take ownership of your life and learn how to create a meaningful life full of the things that lift you up.

This collection of articles will help you live on purpose, not on auto-pilot. Learn how to be intentional with your time and life by exploring topics on slow living, work-life balance, personal growth, goal-setting, journaling and collections of quotes to inspire and motivate you to embrace a more intentional life.

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The long month of January is over and February arrives to bring cold temperatures and bracing winds. It’s the month of love with Valentine’s day, half term holidays for those with kids at school and plenty of time wrapped up indoors to think about how you can declutter your home this Spring. Check out these things to do in February to simplify your life!

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Decluttering our homes isn’t just about the physical act of clearing our clutter. Decluttering is also about our mindset and how we both think and feel about our stuff. Here are 35 journal prompts for decluttering your home and life with clarity and ease.

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