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Studies have shown that too much clutter affects our stress levels. This collection of articles will help you declutter your home to remove the burden of stuff, make it easier to look after your home and give you more time, space and freedom for what matters to you.

These posts are full of practical decluttering tips and easy-to-follow advice on how to clear clutter from your home, life, schedule and mind.

You’ll find tips on starting to declutter, how to overcome decluttering problems, strategies for staying clutter-free and plenty of decluttering ideas, challenges and checklists so you can declutter your home with ease and confidence.

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Do you prefer clutter-free spaces and want to enjoy the benefits of a decluttered home? What happens when you’re living with a hoarder and dealing with clutter in your home is stressful and difficult? Here are 12 tips on what to do when clutter causes tension at home.

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Spring is a great time to declutter your home and life. In this article I explain the benefits of spring decluttering and offer a list of 12 things to declutter this spring for a simpler, easier life. There’s a free checklist you can get too to follow and tick off!

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