Affiliate Links

Some of the links on my site are affiliate links. For more information about this please read on.

What are affiliate links?

If you click on an affiliate link on my site, and then continue to make a purchase, the company in question will pay me a small commission. For some of these links I will be paid a commission on any purchase you make, whether it is the purchase of that original product that I had recommended or something else, within a set timescale.

Why do I include affiliate links?

I’m a busy mum juggling family and work life and I also put in many, many hours each week managing my website and blog. I hope that my site and blog helps as many people as possible and it is therefore really important to me that I am able to dedicate as much time as I can to creating supportive and inspiring content and really trying to help busy people lead simpler and more intentional lives. To make this happen, I hope one day to be able to work on my blog and site full time so receiving a small commission through affiliate links is just part of this process.

Does it cost the reader anything extra?

There is absolutely no extra cost to you, the reader, for purchasing a product or products via an affiliate link on my site. The commission is paid to me directly from the company who is hosting that product.

Who decides on which affiliate links to include and how is this decision made?

I am the only person that decides which affiliate links to include. All opinions and reviews expressed are entirely my own. I only include affiliate links for products that I have personally tried/purchased or intend to try/purchase. I include them only because I truly believe that they are of benefit to my readers. My site was set up to help others and this remains the true purpose and intention of my site.

Any product claim, statistic, quote or details regarding products have been made in the best of faith, and should be verified with the owner/manufacturer of the product if in doubt at all.

If you have any questions after reading this page, please email me at hello@balancethroughsimplicity.com

Last updated July 2020