Affiliate Links

Some of the links on my site are affiliate links.

If you click on an affiliate link on my site, and then continue to make a purchase, the company in question will pay me a small commission. For some of these links I will be paid a commission on any purchase you make, whether it is the purchase of that original product that I had recommended or something else, within a set timescale.

There is absolutely no extra cost to you, the reader, for purchasing a product or products via an affiliate link on my site. The commission is paid to me directly from the company who is hosting that product.

I love sharing my experiences of simplifying life and connecting with others on a similar journey through my website. I include affiliate links to support the running costs for this site and to support the many hours that go into creating content, much of which I offer for free.

I only recommend products that I would like to read/use myself or have read/used. All opinions and reviews expressed are entirely my own.

If you have any questions after reading this page, please email me at hello@balancethroughsimplicity.com

Last updated December 2020