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Start Here – Hello and Welcome!

Start Here at Balance Through Simplicity

Hi, I’m Antonia and welcome to Balance Through Simplicity! I’m so pleased you’re here!

This is a website and personal blog filled with practical inspiration to declutter your home, simplify your life and create time, space and freedom for what really matters to you through decluttering, minimalism, simple and intentional living.

Life is full of ups and downs and we all do our best to navigate the challenges of daily life but it’s not always easy is it?

That’s why I created this website to share my thoughts and tips on how I simplified my life over a decade ago – in case they might help you too.

You can read more about me and my story over here.


Simplicity is not a magic wand to make life easy but I do believe it is the key to a life that’s full of what matters and less of what doesn’t.

If you’ve ever felt tired, run down, stressed out, overstretched, overwhelmed, frustrated, resentful or that getting through life is like wading through treacle, then it may be time for a fresh perspective and to make changes.

Modern life is busy, chaotic and pulls us in every direction, but I believe that we can do many things to ease the mental load, reduce our stress and find more joy, purpose and direction. Or, to use the name of my website, perhaps it’s how we can find a better balance through simplicity!


To give you a snapshot of what I write about and what you can find on the blog, here are some popular articles to get you started:


I believe that clearing our clutter in all its shapes and forms, although not easy, has some great benefits.

Declutter Your Home

Decluttering is the process of removing excess stuff in your home. On my site you’ll find plenty of checklists, tips and resources to help you declutter in a way that feels right to you.

I don’t believe in decluttering by numbers, dictating how many items of each thing you should own. And, I also understand that clearing clutter feels easy to some and pretty impossible to others. Wherever you fall on the ‘ease of decluttering scale’, I’d like to try to help!

Here are some articles to help you declutter:

Simplify Your Life

Seeing and feeling the benefit of less clutter in our homes could encourage you to explore how less can be more in other areas of your life. I write about simplifying life, but I also refer to it as intentional living because simplifying is really just a series of intentional and mindful small decisions that can help us unravel our complicated lives.

Minimalism is the other ‘label’ I hesitantly use for this approach. I don’t like the name or the negativity it commonly receives but I love (and live by) the principles and values it embraces. It also helps people find me on the internet when they’re searching for minimalist lifestyle tips as a way to simplify their lives.

Simplifying life, on this blog, is all about making space in your life for what matters by removing what doesn’t. And what that looks like to each of us can be very different. It’s not so much about what your home and life LOOKS like, it’s what it FEELS LIKE TO YOU that matters.

Why not let me help you explore what that means for you?

Here are some articles you may enjoy:


Simplifying life isn’t just about the topics I’ve mentioned above. You can discover more about simplifying your own life in different ways on the blog where there are hundreds of articles to explore!

I also write about self-care, minimalist wardrobe tips, time management and productivity. Underpinning all these is the common theme of making life easier by removing clutter and distraction and focusing on what matters to YOU.

And, if you’re struggling and don’t know where or how to start, then that’s ok. Plenty of people feel like that, including myself in the beginning, and that’s why I began this blog. Please know that you’re not alone!


If you’re still reading and wondering what’s next, then I have some suggestions.

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Connect with me on social media: I’m on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I use social media but try to be intentional and mindful about when and how much!

Email me: Send an email to [email protected]. This is the very best way to reach out to me, ask a question, offer feedback and suggestions. I’d love to hear from you!

When you’re ready: I have several digital courses and resources to help you simplify different aspects of your life. They build on what you’ll find on the blog but the difference is that these resources will guide you, step-by-step, to ensure that what you’re learning really applies to you and makes a difference in YOUR life. Enough of the reading and time for action and making REAL CHANGE!