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Hello, I’m Antonia and welcome to Balance Through Simplicity! This is a blog and website to help you declutter, organise and simplify your home and life.

Modern life can be tough. We’re encouraged from every angle to do more, achieve more, buy more, BE more… But more of all these things doesn’t mean that we’re happier or more fulfilled. Quite the opposite sometimes. I know this because I felt like that too.

If you’re feeling overstretched or overwhelmed, unsettled or frustrated with a busy home and busy life, I hope I can help.

Let’s find a way to declutter and simplify your home, schedule, heart and mind and create a better balance through simplicity! Read on for a tour and snapshot of what my site is about…


I know how it feels to struggle through your days. A few years ago I was juggling a career with a young family. I was working hard and burning the candle at both ends, desperately trying to give 100% to everything – my job, my husband, my kids, myself.

The irony was that I was working so hard for a better life, but I didn’t have time or energy to enjoy this better life. My life was cluttered and far from simple and it took a toll on my physical and mental health.

Although I knew things needed to change, I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind to make those changes. I didn’t have the energy and time to know what to change, let alone how to do it. Eventually I made it happen and I’ve never looked back but it wasn’t easy. If you’re in a similar position to the one I was in, I hope I can give you encouragement, support and motivation.

I want to share what I’ve learnt through a decade of simplifying to help others do the same, just with less mistakes and false starts than I made. That’s why I began this blog.


Do you need to declutter your home, get organised and manage your time better or just need to reset your life and find a new way of doing things? If you know you need help in a particular area, these sections of my site are a great place to look first. Click the links to explore…


I teach a gentle, compassionate approach to decluttering and simplifying that focuses on your mindset and emotions, not just your stuff. If decluttering feels tough, try these articles for encouragement and to know you’re not alone. With the right mindset you can achieve great things!


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