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Hello, I’m Antonia and welcome to Balance Through Simplicity! This is a blog and website to help you declutter, organise and simplify your home and life.

Modern life can be tough. We’re encouraged from every angle to do more, achieve more, buy more, BE more… But more of all these things doesn’t mean that we’re happier or more fulfilled. Quite the opposite sometimes.

If you’re feeling overstretched or overwhelmed, unsettled or frustrated with a busy home and busy life, I hope I can help.

Let’s find a way to declutter and simplify your home, schedule, heart and mind and create a better balance through simplicity! Read on for a tour and snapshot of what my site is about…


Read more about me if you’re new around here and would like to get to know me and my story. You’ll find out why I’m so passionate about sharing the message of simplicity, plus there are more links and ways to connect with me and keep in touch!


I know how it feels to struggle through your days. A few years ago I was juggling a career with a young family. I was working hard and burning the candle at both ends, desperately trying to give 100% to everything – my job, my husband, my kids, myself.

The irony was that I was working so hard for a better life, but I didn’t have time or energy to enjoy this better life. My life was cluttered and far from simple and it took a toll on my physical and mental health.

Although I knew things needed to change, I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind to make those changes. I didn’t have the energy and time to know what to change, let alone how to do it. Eventually I made it happen and I’ve never looked back but it wasn’t easy. If you’re in a similar position to the one I was in, I hope I can give you encouragement, support and motivation.

I want to share what I’ve learnt through a decade of simplifying to help others do the same, just with less mistakes and false starts than I made. That’s why I began this blog.

Start Here at Balance Through Simplicity


There are many articles on this site and it can be a little overwhelming to begin with! To make it easier for you to find your way around, I’ve listed my favourite and most popular articles. You might like to make a start with these…


Life is busy, complicated and rarely fits into nice little neat boxes. We often lurch through the day and don’t have time, energy or space to press pause so we can work out how to make life easier and less stressful.

How you simplify your life may look different to how I simplify mine, but here are some ideas which you might like to explore as a starting point:


Decluttering is a popular tool for creating breathing space in our homes. For many of us, home is our sanctuary from the outside world and is a safe place we can relax, reset and recharge. If you’re an introvert and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) like me, you’ll know how important your home environment can be.

I believe that effective decluttering requires a clear vision of what you’re trying to achieve and that’s the kind of decluttering I like to teach here. Yes, you’ll find checklists and challenges but you’ll also find a mindful and heart-centred approach to decluttering too.

Whether you’re new to decluttering, or have been struggling with your clutter for a while, here are some articles to encourage you in different ways:


Minimalism is a lifestyle that encourages us to focus on our values and priorities, not on the materialistic or shiny things that modern life tends to push our way. I firmly believe that minimalism can support many of us to lead a rich and fulfilling life, just with less stuff to get in our way and hold us back.

Far from the cold, bland, rigid and impractical lifestyle that minimalism is often mistaken for, I teach a gentle, heart-centred and realistic minimalism. It’s important to me that you find your own version of minimalism that feels right to you.

I love to share my own minimalist journey (and how it works with a busy family and the eternal work/life juggle) with those curious enough to spend time on my site. Here are some articles to explore if you’d like:


Living a meaningful life is what led me to explore simplicity about a decade ago. If you’re feeling frustrated, fed up, out of sync with life and the direction you’d like it to go, I hear you. These were the reasons I sought out a clearer, calmer, more compassionate lifestyle where I could strike a better balance between what I needed to do and what I wanted to do.

An intentional life might look different for all of us in the detail, but the guiding principles are an awareness of what we let in and keep out of our life and taking purposeful action to create our best life. That doesn’t mean that life is perfect or easy, but there’s much more flexibility and wiggle room for when life throws a challenge or two our way.

In this section of my site you’ll find articles on self-care, mindset and personal growth to help you explore what an intentional, meaningful life looks like for you:


Time is, arguably, our most limited resource and it’s the one that I lacked the most when I was struggling. Yes, my home and life were overstuffed but what I really wanted was more time – for myself, my family and my peace of mind.

Clearing clutter and being a better guardian of my energy, mind and health, was a great starting point for a slower pace of life and more emphasis on being truly present for living the life I’d worked so hard to build. However, being strategic and intentional with my time was a game-changer.

To learn more about productivity and carving out more time where you can, I invite you to explore these articles as a start:


As well as hundreds of articles on the blog, you might like to look at my free resources or check out the workbooks and resources in my shop.


Decluttering isn’t always easy so it’s sometimes helpful to share stories, struggles and successes with others on their own simplicity journey. I run a free Facebook Group which offers plenty of encouragement and motivation. I pop in there regularly so feel free to share tips, ask questions and get inspiration! Click here to join the Facebook Group.


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