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Time is your most limited resource, let’s use it wisely! Good time management will help you get more of the right stuff done, effectively and efficiently. Stop wasting time, getting distracted, losing focus or ‘winging it’ through life, either at home or in the workplace.

This collection of articles on decluttering your schedule and intentional time management will help you establish habits and routines for yourself and your family, manage your time, be prepared and become more productive.

You’ll find helpful tips and information on motivation, how to plan your schedule and be intentional with your time and much more…

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and more…

In this post I’m sharing 5 little things to do each day to make life easier. They’re simple routines and activities that I’ve found help me keep on top of my home and my life but which don’t take up much time or energy. They just keep things ticking along every day without me really thinking about it.

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