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Balance Through Simplicity

Hello and welcome to Balance Through Simplicity! I’m Antonia. I’m a writer and a busy full-time working mum. I’m also a reformed workaholic turned passionate advocate of simple and intentional living.

This website is my space where I share what I’ve learnt with practical solutions to lighten your load and create a life that truly supports you…

A few years ago, I was worn out and worn down. I was juggling a career with a young family, running on overdrive, fuelled by coffee and hindered by insomnia.

I’d had enough of struggling through each day but simplifying my life and clearing the clutter in all its shapes and forms changed everything…

If you’re looking to make changes of your own, a way to ease the pressure and stress of modern busy life or fed up of struggling from one day to the next, then I’m so pleased you’re here!


Declutter and streamline your home for more space and less stress

Time Management

Get organised and productive to carve out more free time

Self care

Create a life that supports you, stop settling for a life that happens to you

This is a space offering simple, practical tips to help you find space, time and freedom amidst busy life.

As one of my readers shared… “I like everything about your site – That you have no distracting ads, the workbooks, so many brilliant free resources, including courses, the layout of the website, the blog. Yours is a rare calm online presence… please keep doing (and sharing) what you do.”

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