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Minimalism is a lifestyle that focuses on the important by removing the unimportant. You don’t have to get rid of all your stuff, never buy anything new or live with bare white walls and no furniture. In fact, minimalism isn’t really about your stuff at all.

This collection of posts about a gentle and compassionate form of minimalism to suit you and your lifestyle will help you shift your mindset and make clear decisions on what clutters, distracts and removes you from living your life to the full.

You’ll find tips on getting started with minimalism, minimalism for you, minimalism at home, minimalism with kids, minimalism and life and how to create a minimalist wardrobe.

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Minimalism is a lifestyle encouraging us to find meaning and value without the stuff and clutter of modern life. In this article we look at some ways you can set minimalist goals to simplify your life over the coming year. There’s a free goal-setting workbook you can get to identify your priorities and define what’s important to you so you can set goals that really align with what matters to you.

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If you’re looking to simplify life, avoiding clutter is a great way to live more intentionally without excess stuff. However, gifts at Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions can be difficult to handle if you’re trying to live clutter-free. Here are some minimalist gift ideas to simplify gift-giving without adding to your clutter.

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Minimalist homes are often associated with monochrome colours and simple, straight lines. In this article I’m exploring how minimalism is really about intentionality, not just a design style. Here are some tips on embracing minimalism for people who love colour instead of bare white walls.

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