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Minimalism is a lifestyle that focuses on the important by removing the unimportant. You don’t have to get rid of all your stuff, never buy anything new or live with bare white walls and no furniture. In fact, minimalism isn’t really about your stuff at all.

This collection of posts about a gentle and compassionate form of minimalism to suit you and your lifestyle will help you shift your mindset and make clear decisions on what clutters, distracts and removes you from living your life to the full.

You’ll find tips on getting started with minimalism, minimalism for you, minimalism at home, minimalism with kids, the minimalist lifestyle and how to create a minimalist wardrobe.

Learn about:

What is minimalism (plus a few things it’s not)
How to embrace minimalism in your every day life
How to find your own version of minimalism that’s right for you
Minimalist goals for a simpler but fuller life

and more…

Embracing the minimalist lifestyle isn’t a one-off project you can do and tick off your list. In this article I’m sharing my own minimalist journey and how I took steps towards a simple and intentional life. More purpose and meaning with less of the stuff that gets in the way and holds us back.

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Minimalism is a popular movement for those who want to live a simpler, more intentional life, free from unnecessary clutter and distraction. Unfortunately, many misinterpret what a minimalist lifestyle really means. In this article I share 10 myths about minimalism and what I believe you need to know instead!

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As I’ve simplified my life over the years, I’ve discovered some unexpected and life-changing benefits of minimalism that reach way beyond just a clutter-free home. I’d like to share 11 of those benefits with you today to perhaps encourage you to explore the minimalist lifestyle for yourself.

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