If you’re looking to make changes to your life and free up some precious time, space and energy then my free Declutter Starter Kit is the perfect place to start!

My free Declutter Starter Kit will help you understand the benefits of decluttering your home and why clutter isn’t good for us. I’ll give you ideas for how to get started, solutions to common problems and lots of projects for you to try.

Whether you’re new to decluttering, still exploring how decluttering can help you lead a simpler, more intentional life, or just need a reminder of how clutter can impact our hearts, minds and space, then my Declutter Starter Kit can help you.


Studies have shown that the amount of clutter around you is directly proportional to a woman’s stress levels. The more clutter you have, the more time you spend looking after it – cleaning, tidying and moving it. The more clutter, the more stress.

By reducing the amount of clutter around you, the lower your stress levels.


If you start by decluttering the stuff in your home, removing anything that you don’t love, isn’t of value or purpose, then you free up this space, time and energy and can focus on doing other things instead.


The same principle applies to decluttering and making intentional decisions about other areas of your life – your calendar, commitments, finances, self-care, diet and nutrition, even your goals and ambitions.

So, if you’re ready to declutter and simplify the rest of your life and get intentional about what you spend your time, energy and resources on, click below >

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Declutter Starter Kit