Clear clutter and run your home on auto-pilot.

Free up your time and energy for other things…


Let me ask you some questions…

  • Are you struggling with clutter and chaos?
  • Want a home that’s more of a haven after a long day and less of a drain on your time and energy?
  • Fed up of spending your time looking after your home instead of enjoying actually living in it?
  • Needing more time and less stress but you don’t how to make that happen?

If the answer is yes, then maybe I can help you! 😊 


Home is where the heart is and, for many of us, it’s the hub of family life. 

It can be a peaceful haven and sanctuary from the world but it can also be a heavy burden on your time, energy, mind and heart.

If you’re overwhelmed by the clutter and/or constantly looking after your stuff (picking it up, moving and cleaning it), then your home is probably taking up too much of your time and energy.

Your days will be spent looking after and managing your home (or at least thinking about it).

But there’s so much more to life (and you) than that…

Take control of your clutter.

Free up your time, space and energy for other things…


Once you’ve decluttered and streamlined your home and set up systems to manage your housework then you can get on with living your life.

You’ll be able to:

  • Run your home on auto-pilot whilst you do other things
  • Take a break from housework without worrying about playing catch-up afterwards
  • Feel happy to invite family and friends over
  • Spend your free time playing with the kids or reading your book
  • Relax instead of catching up on laundry at the end of a long day
  • Stop stressing about your home and the weight of clutter and start living your life
  • Know that your home is clutter-free, calm and ready for you whenever you need it

So, how can you make this happen? The solution is to Simplify Your Home and I’ve created something to help you!

Simplify Your Home is an easy-access downloadable PDF-format course and workbook to help you declutter and run your home on auto-pilot so you can get on with the rest of life. ❤


You may be wondering how decluttering and setting up systems to organise your home can really make such a big difference? Maybe you’re questioning how such seemingly small steps can really have sweeping impact on the rest of your life?

Well, decluttering my own home was one of the first things I did when I was struggling to manage work, kids, me-time and life in general.

However, it turned out that clearing the clutter and making my home easier and quicker to run was just the beginning…

I found time for hobbies, self-care, family. I had time to find and focus on my priorities without being brought down by endless To Do lists, chores and household tasks.

Clearing the clutter in my home was just the start of my journey to clearing the clutter in my life so that I could start finding and working towards that full and abundant life I mentioned before.

That’s what I hope Simplify Your Home will do for you.


What to expect and course contents


Simplify Your Home is a downloadable guide and workbook to help declutter your home and run your home on auto-pilot.

  • It is 200+ pages long, split into 7 modules, including a 60-page workbook section.
  • There are lessons to read, question prompts, links to additional resources and challenges to help you apply what you’re learning to your own life.
  • You won’t receive a physical copy in the post but upon payment you’ll receive a link to download your copy which you can save and print.
  • I update the PDF regularly and you can opt in to receive these updates automatically.
  • Work through the guide at your own pace so it fits around you and your life. Re-visit it whenever you feel you need to.
  • Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available but please reach out to me if you have any queries at

This is the contents so you can see exactly what’s included. Each lesson has links to further resources plus challenges and action points for you to try when you’re ready.

Module 1: Getting Started
  • An introduction, what to expect and how to follow the course
Module 2: Introduction to Simplifying and Decluttering
  • Decluttering and breaking down the myths of living a fuller life (just with less stuff)
  • Finding your why and how this can really change things for you
  • Why declutter rather than just organise
Module 3: Getting Ready to Declutter
  • Setting the foundations with the how and the why
  • What to do with stuff you don’t want to keep
  • Explaining to your family even if you’re not quite on the same page!
  • Finding the time when you don’t have much
  • Mindset and checking in with your emotions
  • Motivation and how to keep going
  • Deciding where to start, even if you feel stuck
  • What to do when it all seems too much
  • Small decluttering projects to get you started, gently
Module 4: The Decluttering Module
  • This is the biggest module! Decluttering every inch of your home, room-by-room
Module 5: The Maintenance Module
  • Stepping into maintenance mode and staying clutter-free
  • Putting routines in place to run your home with minimal effort
  • Getting the kids to help
  • Shopping without adding to the clutter
  • Gifts and what to do with them
  • The minimalist mindset and shifting your thoughts for the long-term
  • How to create a calm home and why it matters to you (and your family)
Module 6: The Workbook
  • Checklists, printables and more…

Learn how to tackle your clutter.

Let’s keep it away, once and for all…


“Before I took the course I didn’t really know where to start. Over the years, we’d built up so much stuff and I didn’t really know where to begin. This course broke it down so I could go through my stuff step-by-step. I learnt some great tips on how to keep the clutter away too which I hope we’ll stick to going forward!” (L.M. Kent)

“Loved the workbook section – it made everything I was learning easier to put into practice in my own home.” (K.E)

“If you want to know why we get so much clutter and how to prevent it (rather than just learning how to get rid of it), this course is great. For me it was more about thinking differently about the stuff in my house and whether I really needed it in my life and how this [change in thinking] stopped it building up in the first place.” (M.W. Beds)


Simplify Your Home requires you to take action to make changes. I can give you the information and explain how and why to do things, but ultimately, the outcome lies with you.

I understand that this is an investment of your money but also your time, energy and mind. My hope is that the course repays you in kind by being your springboard to a fuller, freer life. ❤

If you’re ready to clear the clutter, streamline your routines and systems at home and save yourself time and energy for the rest of life… why wait?

Ready to finally let go of clutter that weighs you down and make space for what matters?

If the answer is yes, this is for you!