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Simplify Your Home Decluttering Guide

Simplify Your Home


Simplify Your Home is a complete decluttering guide and checklists to help you declutter your home, the simple and strategic way.

Is your home full of STUFF?

Do you feel OVERWHELMED with too much you NEED to do and not enough time for what you WANT to do?

Perhaps you feel STUCK and crave freedom and space to BREATHE?

You’re in the right place and I think I can help…

Simplify Your Home

Easy-to-follow and manageable steps that are realistic and practical for a busy home and busy life

Stop letting clutter get the better of you. This complete decluttering guide will help you reclaim your space and feel good about your home. You’ve got this!


Clutter invades our home (and life) on a daily basis.

Cleaning, clearing, tidying and managing stuff uses up our time and energy for being able to live life to the full.

Maybe you:

  • WORRY about visitors coming round and what they’ll think of how your home looks?
  • STRUGGLE to keep on top of managing your home and FED UP of spending precious free time dealing with laundry and dishes?
  • NEVER HAVE TIME for doing the things that really matter and lost your passion for life?
  • Look around your home and just feel fed up, STRESSED OUT and STUCK?


Studies have shown that clutter affects our focus and concentration, raises cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and impacts both our physical and mental health. If your stuff is weighing you down, there’s a reason for this (and some examples you might be familiar with!)…

Cluttered kitchen

More stress

A cluttered kitchen makes it more DIFFICULT AND STRESSFUL to prepare and cook meals for you and your family, especially when you’re tired and hungry.

Cluttered wardrobe

Wasted time and energy

A cluttered wardrobe WASTES YOUR TIME AND ENERGY in the morning and makes it more difficult to choose an outfit that makes you feel good.

Cluttered garage

More overwhelm

A cluttered garage feels OVERWHELMING to tackle, takes up space and weighs heavy on our minds as we WORRY how to deal with our stuff.


I get it and I’ve been there.

I was juggling young kids, a full-time job and busy life. I was spending my days managing my home and my life but not really being present and enjoying most of it.

Home is where the heart is and my heart felt HEAVY.

I hadn’t got a handle on the stuff in my home and it felt cluttered. I was too busy managing this clutter to focus on the people in it (my family) and the life that it was a retreat from and launch pad to.

My overstuffed home and life were DRAINING me. I wasn’t happy or calm, I was tearful and angry and, unfortunately, we all felt it.

A home with fewer possessions is more spacious, more calming and more focused on the people who live inside it.

Joshua Becker

Your Home


It’s not just how we FEEL when we have too much clutter. Research shows it affects us in other ways too. For example,

  • According to the National Soap and Detergent Association (NSDA), getting rid of clutter reduces housework by 40% in the average home. More clutter = more housework.
  • The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) reports that on average we spend one year of our lives looking for lost items. More clutter = wasted time.


Clutter costs us MONEY, it needs tidying and MANAGING. It stops us finding things, wastes time and makes our home feel a busy and chaotic living space and uninviting for guests. Dealing with our clutter REMOVES US from embracing life and the resources we need to make the most of it.

More than that, studies have shown that clutter distracts us, makes us less able to focus and causes STRESS and ANXIETY.

Clutters costs us TIME, ENERGY and our HEALTH.


Clutter can be bad for us and, as time went by, I knew that clutter was bad for me too.

Until I discovered how DECLUTTERING and simplifying my home could be the game-changer that I was looking for.

Decluttering is definitely not a magic wand for an easy or simple life, and life certainly will still come with challenges and tough bits. However, having less clutter in my life has some amazing BENEFITS.

Without clutter:

  • I feel HAPPIER, freer, calmer, more engaged and energetic
  • I have more TIME, money, energy, patience and enthusiasm
  • I have more BANDWIDTH to cope with those challenges and tough bits in life more easily
  • I can PRIORITISE what matters and focus on filling life with all the things I love

In a nutshell, my home and life is full of what’s important and less of what isn’t.


Simplify Your Home benefits of less clutter

More time

Less clutter means less time cleaning, clearing and tidying and more time for other things. Your time is precious, how would you rather spend it?

Simplify Your Home benefits of less clutter

More freedom

Less clutter means you’re not weighed down by managing or thinking about your stuff. More freedom for enjoying and living life to the full!

Simplify Your Home benefits of less clutter

Less stress

More time and more freedom creates more breathing space, calm and ease. Feel happier, more resilient and more able to cope with daily life.


I gave it a go, but clutter kept getting the better of me.

  • I tried decluttering, but got stuck
  • I followed the advice, but it didn’t work
  • I’d start out strong, but couldn’t find time or energy to keep it up
  • I’d declutter one day but the clutter would COME BACK the next
  • Oh, and my family thought I was bonkers. How could getting rid of stuff actually make life better?

Decluttering my home was like hitting one roadblock after another.

It wasn’t just about clearing my stuff but I was also coming up against some DIFFICULT EMOTIONS.

  • Wasted money and guilt
  • Unwise decisions and regrets
  • Grief, loss and letting go
  • Feeling a failure for not being able to manage
  • Simply not knowing how and where to start when I just didn’t have the time or energy to devote to stressful and tiring decluttering when life was still hurtling towards me – every. single. day.

That’s not to say all these feelings were justified or true, but I felt them all the same.

Simplify Your Home

Unfortunately, clutter won’t disappear on its own. We have to take action but it’s hard if you don’t know how, where or what to declutter.

This guide will walk you through it, with everything laid out in a done-for-you, simple way.


Decluttering wasn’t EASY but I knew it was IMPORTANT.

I needed to find a way to declutter my home without excuses, blaming others or giving up because it was too tough, physically AND emotionally.

I HAD to find a way to declutter my home – AND STOP THE CLUTTER COMING BACK.

I did stop the clutter and create space for ease, joy and life. That’s what I’d like to help you do too.

Over the years I’ve decluttered my home and life and live the benefits daily. I feel so strongly that a clutter-free life has value in some way for everyone that I began my blog.

To share what I’ve learnt about simplifying life without getting stuck, giving up, wasting time, making mistakes or feeling you can’t do it too.


Simplify Your Home is a COMPLETE DECLUTTERING GUIDE with practical steps and easy-to-follow advice to help you declutter your home and keep that clutter away.

Just IMAGINE what you could do with that time, space and freedom you can get back!

If you like my blog and my gentle but practical approach to living a full life with less stuff, I think you may enjoy Simplify Your Home!

Simplify Your Home


  • Simple but full instructions on WHAT and HOW to declutter
  • Common decluttering PROBLEMS and how to OVERCOME them
  • Re-usable CHECKLISTS to follow and tick off as you declutter ROOM BY ROOM
  • Strategies to STAY clutter-free
  • How to DECORATE, ORGANISE and make your home FUNCTION WELL for you and your life

I share plenty of STRATEGIES and TIPS to help ENCOURAGE, MOTIVATE and build good DECLUTTERING HABITS that will help you stay clutter-free going forwards.

We’ll work on your MINDSET, EMOTIONS and re-frame how you THINK and FEEL about the clutter in your home and how to free yourself from the weight of it.

These are the SECRETS to SUCCESSFUL DECLUTTERING that I’d like to share with you in Simplify Your Home.

Are you ready?!

Simplify Your Home

1. Getting Started

Prepare to declutter, what to expect and how to successfully overcome any challenges and problems when they happen

2. Room-By-Room

Tips, advice and easy hacks for the unique challenges of decluttering different rooms and types of stuff

Simplify Your Home
Simplify Your Home

3. Staying Clutter-Free

Stop the cycle of clutter undoing your hard work with effective strategies to keep the clutter away – for good!

4. Decluttering Checklists

Print them out, follow and tick them off as you go to track your progress, keep motivated and stay focused!

Simplify Your Home Checklists


  • 145 pages in digital, downloadable PDF format.
  • Available in A4 or US Letter size and you’ll receive both formats automatically.
  • Products are sold in US Dollars but you can purchase them even if you live outside the US.
  • If you have a coupon code, use this at the checkout to receive your discount.
  • After purchase, you will receive a link to download your copy.
  • The workbook is in PDF format. You will need a PDF reader to be able to see it. These are usually already installed on phones and computers but if you need one, I would suggest Adobe Reader or something similar.
  • This is a digital product so you will not receive a physical copy in the post.
  • I update my content regularly and you have the option at the checkout to receive these updates automatically every time they happen.
  • All my workbooks and planners are copyrighted and for personal use only. Please do not copy, sell, share or distribute.
  • Due to the downloadable nature of this product, I’m afraid refunds are not available and all sales are final. However, please reach out to me at [email protected] either before or after purchase if you have any questions and I’ll do my very best to help you out.


“Before I bought the guide I didn’t really know where to start. Over the years, we’d built up so much stuff and I didn’t really know where to begin. This course broke it down so I could go through my stuff step-by-step. I learnt some great tips on how to keep the clutter away too which I hope we’ll stick to going forward!” (L.M. Kent)

“Loved the workbook and checklist section – it made everything I was learning easier to put into practice in my own home.” (K.E)

“If you want to know why we get so much clutter and how to prevent it (rather than just learning how to get rid of it), this guide is great. For me it was more about thinking differently about the stuff in my house and whether I really needed it in my life and how this [change in thinking] stopped it building up in the first place.” (M.W. Beds)

Life is too short to feel burdened by your home and the stuff in it.

Take action today to clear your path, find calm out of chaos and enjoy more of what matters to YOU!