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Simplify Your Life

Simplify Your Life


How to stop feeling overwhelmed and overstretched and instead make time and space for what really matters to you.

If life feels busy and cluttered but you don’t know where, what or how to change that, this is the place to start. SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE will help you press reset and decide your new direction.

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE is a guide and workbook to walk you through your exact first steps to a simple and intentional life.


Think about your life for a moment…

  • Do you wake up each morning raring to go and make the most of your precious life? Or do you feel that you’re just going through the motions, LACKING IN PURPOSE OR DIRECTION?
  • Do you feel overstretched, busy and like you’re always playing catch-up but you CRAVE TIME, SPACE AND FREEDOM instead?
  • Are you truly, honestly, happy with that life or do you sometimes feel out of sync, stressed out and NOT LIVING TRUE TO YOURSELF?


Life gets busy and complicated, pulling us away from what we WANT to do because we’re too busy just doing what we NEED to do. Maybe you’re feeling like this right now?

Simplify Your Life - Too much to do

Trying to do ‘all the things’

Weighed down by a To Do list that makes you just feel overwhelmed, frustrated and resentful.

Simplify Your Life - overwhelmed

Run down and headed for burn out

Struggling and stressed out. Like you’re always playing catch up from morning until night.

Simplify Your Life - no direction

Lurching from day to day

With no clear direction or idea of what you want out of life, let alone how to make it happen.


What about if I asked you to imagine a different life? A life that’s simpler, easier and focuses more on what really matters to you.

Maybe it would mean…

  • You have A HOME THAT WORKS FOR YOU and is a place you love to be (with minimal effort from you!)
  • You have PLENTY OF TIME for what you want to do, not just what you need to do (think how amazing that would feel!)
  • You’re NO LONGER RUSHING AND CHASING, dictated to by the demands of your overstuffed life and schedule
  • You FEEL HAPPIER, more in control and more able to deal with the ups and downs of life
  • You live life ON YOUR TERMS and you’re excited to be living it – every. single. day.

Simplify Your Life road map

“The first step to creating a life you love is to get rid of anything you don’t.”

– Joshua Becker


I don’t know about you, but I want a life that feels as good as it can be and that I love to be living. After all, life is precious and we don’t get a second chance.

In the words of Joshua Becker, “the first step to creating a life you love is to get rid of anything you don’t.”

Easier said than done, I know! Especially when you have life coming at you, each and every day. You just don’t have time, energy, the bandwidth and space to press pause and work out WHAT you need to change – let alone WHY and certainly not HOW.

If you’re thinking this right now, I know how you feel because I felt like that too.

It’s draining and demoralising but it doesn’t have to be this way.


With some changes to your home, your schedule and, most importantly, your mindset and approach, you could…

Simplify Your Life - would this be better

More of what matters

Have more time and energy for what matters most to you so you feel better and happier.

Simplify Your Life - would this be better

Enjoy your days more

Wake up ready to make the most of each day, no matter what that day throws at you.

Simplify Your Life - would this be better

Live a meaningful life

Be the author of your own story and live a full, rewarding life that you love to be living.


And, that’s why I created SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE – to help you take your first steps to decluttering and simplifying your life.

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE is not a decluttering course for your home. It won’t give you a set of step-by-step instructions to get rid of this and keep that. But, it will do something far more fundamental…

We’ll get to the root of how you’re feeling about your life right now. WHAT you want to change and WHY.

This isn’t a course about your stuff. It’s about your mindset, what you want out of life and why you want it.

These are far more valuable questions to be starting out with because you can use your answers to shape your actions and decisions and then, of course, your home and life.

Simplify Your Life PDF Course


Maybe you’re thinking these are easy questions to ask and why would you need this guide to help you?

Well, I think if they were that easy to ask and to answer, then maybe we’d all have got life figured out already! But, life happens, we get stuck thinking in a certain way, we feel consumed by the challenges of our every day life and don’t stop to take an aerial view of where we’re heading and how we’re getting there.

We hide behind (or get submerged under) busy schedules, endless to do lists, homes that take up our time and energy and a life that just sweeps us along so we end up where we end up.

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE will help you pause, take that all-important aerial view, and press reset.

So by the end of it you’ll have a much clearer idea of WHERE you want to go and HOW to get there.

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE is your kick-start to a simpler, more intentional life that feels good to you in every way.



I’m Antonia and I’m the creator of SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed and overstretched, feeling squeezed out of your life and just trying to keep all the balls in the air whilst you spin all those plates. (Who knew that life requires good circus skills!) It doesn’t leave much time or energy left for you to work ON your life whilst you’re too busy working IN your life.

I was a full-time working parent, running on coffee and adrenalin whilst I dashed from home to school to work to school to home again, every day. Managing the house, being the boss at work, looking after everyone, trying to squeeze in appointments, invitations, my endless list of errands and things to remember.

I put a brave face on for years until my overstuffed schedule and life caught up with my body and brain and I reached burn out. I should have seen it coming and done something about it. But instead, I stuck that thought on my to do list, to deal with another day…

Burn out was real and it was painful but it was an inevitable consequence of not listening to either my head or my heart, and I don’t want you to experience it too.

Life is too precious and short to spend it prioritising the wrong the things. This is why I created Balance Through Simplicity, to share the benefits of simple and intentional living.

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE has been created from a decade of experience living my own simple life and helping thousands of others do the same through my blog and resources.

This course is a stepping stone to a simpler life more on your terms. Not an easy life (I can’t promise that!) but at least a life that focuses more on what matters to you – and how to go about doing that, today.

If this sounds like something you need and you’re ready for change, then you’re in the right place!


  • You’re ready to MAKE CHANGES and TAKE ACTION. Change comes from within so we’re looking at your life right now and what will make you happier, less stressed and more fulfilled!
  • You’re coming with an open mind to exploring something new. Simplifying isn’t easy but it has the power to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE if you’re willing to give it a go.
  • You’re comfortable with journaling, reflection and thought-provoking questions to really work out WHAT YOU WANT FROM YOUR LIFE and what’s been getting in your way so far.


  • You’re looking for a magic wand to solve all your troubles. Simplicity makes life EASIER but it won’t make life easy. Life still happens but we have more BANDWIDTH AND FLEXIBILITY when we need it.
  • You want a decluttering course (you’ll find these elsewhere on my site!). This course is about your mindset and what you want from life – plus what you don’t. MINDSET IS THE KEY TO SIMPLIFYING!
  • You prefer step-by-step instructions to follow and track your progress. I’ll guide you but where this course leads you is up to you – YOU’RE IN THE DRIVING SEAT!

Is it time to press reset on your busy life and find time and space for YOU and what’s important to YOU? Let’s start today…

Simplify Your Life - PDF course


  • Instant download 81-page PDF
  • Introduction and how to use the guide and workbook
  • What to do if you get stuck
  • An introduction to me, finding balance and simplifying life
  • Why simplify YOUR life?
  • How creating space lets us really live our life
  • Finding your why
  • A story of how less is more
  • What brings you here?
  • Mini challenges to lift you up
  • Change starts within you – mindset is key
  • How thoughts determine actions
  • Is fear holding you back?
  • Comparison is the thief of joy (and more besides)
  • Does procrastination lead to inaction?
  • Managing expectation
  • What’s really important to you?
  • The essential factor in simplifying life
  • Defining priorities
  • What makes you truly happy?
  • Practical ways to simplify your life
  • Keeping in
  • Letting go
  • You’re right where you need to be
  • Craft the life you want
  • Resources and further reading
  • Feedback


“This was such a great little course. It’s made me think about my life in a different way and helps me understand how and why I make decisions about my life and what I let in and keep out. It’s been an eye-opener!” (F.R. Dorset)

“It asked the difficult questions that I didn’t want to answer but had to, to understand what’s in my way. I can’t solve a problem I’m not aware of!” (Anon)

“Thank you for this course. I joined not knowing what to expect but I’d lost direction in life and felt I needed to do something. The simple lessons and questions helped me understand more about what I wanted and how to make some changes to get me there!” (J.D. Surrey)

“If you’re feeling stuck in life or need some direction, this course is a good start. For me it’s been about exploring what I want in life and finding ways to make that happen by getting rid of the stuff that gets in the way.”(G.R. Leicester)

Join the course now and you’ll get instant access so you can dive in as soon as you’re ready.

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Let’s make the most of this precious life of yours, right now. Let’s Simplify Your Life!