Clear Clutter and Live Fully



Kick-start your intentional living journey.

Define your priorities, clear clutter and distraction, do more of what makes you happy.


This course will help you:
  • Stop living on auto-pilot, drifting from one day to another and feeling like life is passing you by.
  • Decide what changes you need to make and begin taking definite action to make them happen.
  • Stop settling for a life that just happens to you and instead do more of what you love and makes you happy.

Simplify Your Life will help you get rid of the clutter and excess so you can focus on what you really want out of life.

It’s an introduction to living with purpose and intention without the stuff that just gets in the way and holds us back…

What you can look forward to:
  • An online self-paced course with 7 step-by-step modules packed with individual lessons and challenges to help you take action!
  • We’ll look at the key components of your life and how you think and feel about it. Come up with a plan to simplify and live your life with renewed direction.
  • A beautiful companion workbook as an optional printable to give you extra structure and focus.

My goal is to help you define your priorities, simplify your life and create more ease, freedom and space to live a full and truly meaningful life.

This course is about you and the ultimate direction it takes you in is up to you.

My aim is to help you define what’s important to you, free you from clutter and distraction and give you more space, energy and freedom to do what you want to do!

In the words of Joshua Becker…

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”

Life is precious. Are you living yours on your own terms?

Do you feel stuck in a rut, searching for something or struggling with too much on your plate?

If the answer is yes (and you want to do something about it) then you’re not alone! Many of my readers come to my site feeling the same and that’s why I created Simplify Your Life.

Take ownership of your life, make changes that stick and create your best life…


Busy modern life often draws our attention away from what we really want in life and instead towards the things that shout the loudest from our To Do list. Our priorities become muddled and we end up feeling unfulfilled, stressed out or like we’re doing things wrong.

Simplify Your Life will help you get totally clear on what you want from life so that you can clear away the clutter and create space to make that happen. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Introduction

This course is the springboard to your next chapter. Understand why clearing away excess can lead to a fuller life on your terms.

Module 2: Setting the scene

How simplicity reconnects us with what we want from life so we can focus on making it happen. You are in the driving seat so where do you want to go? Not sure? This course will help you decide!

Module 3: Where are you at right now?

Identify how you really feel about your life right now, exactly why you feel like that and what you can do to make things change.

Module 4: Change starts within you

Thoughts determine actions. Let’s explore your mindset and what’s holding you back so you can make positive, meaningful and lasting change.

Module 5: What’s really important to you?

Powerful exercises to help you define your priorities and get crystal clear on what really makes you happy (not just on the surface).

Module 6: Practical ways to simplify your life

Actionable steps to begin clearing the clutter in your life to create space for yourself and what’s truly important to you.  Discover the power of letting go and what that ‘freedom’ could mean for you.

Module 7: And finally…

Harness your unique skills to craft the life you want by getting rid of everything you don’t. Embracing simplicity to create your best life.

Simplify Your Life

Join the course now and you’ll get instant access to all the lessons and workbook so you can dive in as soon as you’re ready.

What is the cost?

The course costs $25 or £19.99 (just choose your favoured option). This is partly to cover the costs in creating it but also to encourage you to make a commitment to yourself to explore and make changes.

How do I access the course?

I use Teachable to host my courses. It’s a really easy, user-friendly platform even if you’re not tech-savvy!

When you click the Buy Now button, you’ll be invited to create a new account (you can use your existing Teachable log in details if you already have a Teachable account) along with your payment details.

After purchase you’ll have immediate access to the course and contents.

What if I’m unsatisfied?

My aim is to help simplify your life so I hope you’d never be unsatisfied! However, if you do feel unhappy with the course for some reason, there’s a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

What if I have other questions?

Email me at and I’d be happy to help you out!


Stop wishing you had somebody else’s life, hoping for something different, trying to make changes but unable to make them stick.

Take ownership of your life, simplify what you can and create space and freedom to make the most of the life you have right now.

Your life is precious, why wait?

Balance Through Simplicity

For many years I juggled raising a young family with a demanding job. I ignored the warning signs of doing too much for too long until a melt-down made me re-evaluate my life and misplaced priorities.

Through a lot of research and a fair amount of trial and error (!), I learnt that simplifying my life was the key to an easier, less stressful but much more fulfilling life for myself and my family.

Over the years I’ve turned my passion for the simple life into a website which helps other busy people simplify their lives too and find a better balance through simplicity!


Stop living on auto-pilot, take control of your life…

Let’s Simplify Your Life: