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Simplify Your Life

Simplify Your Life


Take your first steps to simplify and declutter your life.

Create freedom and space for what matters most to you.

Less stuff, more life.


Think about your life for a moment. Do you wake up each morning raring to go or do you feel that you’re just going through the motions?

Are you truly, honestly, happy with that life or do you sometimes feel that something is missing?

Perhaps it’s time to do things differently…

Simplify Your Life will help you declutter your life and make space for what matters so you can live a more meaningful, joy-filled life.

It’s an introduction to living with purpose and intention without the stuff that just gets in the way and holds us back…

Simplify Your Life


So often, life takes control of us, instead of us taking the lead. By the time we realise what’s happened, we’re juggling work, family, bills to pay and responsibilities. We have no space or freedom to press pause and work out where we’re going, what we’re doing and, importantly, if it’s making us happy and fulfilled.

  • We run on auto-pilot, drifting from one day to another without really appreciating that those days are making up our life
  • We feel frustrated, over-stretched or unfulfilled yet don’t know what to change or how to do it
  • We neglect ourselves, rely on unhealthy habits, sabotage our self-care and prioritise everyone else, except ourselves

If these sound familiar but you’re ready for change, then you’re in the right place!

“The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.”

(Ben Stein)

This course will help you do just that.


A simpler, minimalist life isn’t empty or lifeless. It’s actually fuller, richer and more empowering in so many ways, just with less of the clutter and chaos that modern daily life tends to bring with it.

A simpler life is about intention. Deliberately choosing to let in the things that mean the most to you and purposefully keeping out the things that bring you down.

Simplicity won’t help you create the perfect life, but it will help you live a meaningful one. What makes you happy, what direction you want to go in and, even, what legacy you’d like to leave behind.


Let’s simplify your life and create freedom, ease and space:

  • Shift your mindset to explore and make lasting change
  • Define your priorities and what you really want in life
  • Clear the clutter and create more ease in your every day
  • Take practical action to make life simpler
  • Create a meaningful life that aligns with your values
  • Personal stories to inspire action
  • Journal prompts to explore your thoughts and feelings
  • Mini-challenges to get you started
  • Actionable steps to clear clutter and make space for life
  • Further resources, reading and links
Simplify Your Life


Busy modern life often draws our attention away from what we really want in life and instead towards the things that shout the loudest from our To Do list. Our priorities become muddled and we end up feeling unfulfilled, stressed out or like we’re doing things wrong.

Simplify Your Life will help you get totally clear on what you want from life so that you can clear away the clutter and create space to make that happen. Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Introduction

Give yourself time and space. This course is the springboard to your next chapter. Understand why clearing away excess can lead to a fuller life on your terms.

2. Setting the Scene

Get focused. How simplicity reconnects us with what we want from life so we can focus on making it happen. You are in the driving seat so where do you want to go? Not sure? This course will help you decide!

3. Where are you at right now?

Get honest. Identify how you really feel about your life right now, exactly why you feel like that and what you can do to make things change.

4. Change starts within you

Dig deep. Thoughts determine actions. Let’s explore your mindset and what’s holding you back so you can make positive, meaningful and lasting change.

5. What’s really important to you?

Make life meaningful. Powerful exercises to help you define your priorities and get crystal clear on what really makes you happy (not just on the surface).

6. Practical ways to simplify your life

Achieve and accomplish. Actionable steps to begin clearing the clutter in your life to create space for yourself and what’s truly important to you.  Discover the power of letting go and what that ‘freedom’ could mean for you.

7. And finally…

What could be next? Harness your unique skills to craft the life you want by getting rid of everything you don’t. Embracing simplicity to create your best life. Resources and further reading for you to continue simplifying other aspects of your life when you’re ready. 

Simplify Your Life


Simplify Your Life is a downloadable PDF guide and workbook.

  • There is a variety of information with lessons to read, question prompts, links to additional resources and challenges to help you apply what you’re learning to your own life.
  • You won’t receive a physical copy in the post but upon payment you’ll receive a link to download your copy which you can save and print.
  • I update the PDF regularly and you can opt in to receive these updates automatically.
  • Work through the guide at your own pace so it fits around you and your life. Re-visit it whenever you feel you need to.
  • Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available but please reach out to me if you have any queries at and I’d be happy to help!

Stop drifting along on autopilot.

Take simple steps to declutter your life and live with purpose…

Simplify Your Life


Want to simplify your life but struggling to know where and how to start?

I get it! I’ve been there too…

There are many decluttering courses which you can choose from to help you declutter the stuff in your home and your cupboards. I’ve even created a decluttering guide myself called Simplify Your Home! They’re all designed to help you clear your physical clutter and make your home a calmer, more supportive space for you to live in.


Decluttering and simplifying is more than just what your home looks and feels like. It’s about what your life looks and feels like too!


I know that because I had a life (and a home!) that was overstuffed and overwhelming. I was juggling all the things, trying to be and do too much. I wanted the best for my children, my family and myself but really all they had was what was left over of me at the end of a long, busy, tiring day. They didn’t have the best of me – which is what they and I deserved.

But, and it’s a big but, how do you change your life when life is moving too fast? When you’ve got too much on your plate to stop and work out what you need to do and how you need to do it? It took me years to figure this out and I made so many false starts. It was so frustrating but I knew it would be worth it!


A simpler life is not an easy one but it is definitely eas-IER! I have more time, energy, motivation, freedom, patience and joy than I ever had before. I still balance work and family and the pressures of daily life, but I have more flexibility and space to deal with them. I’m clear on what I want from life, what’s important and what’s not and I honour these daily – my kids, my family, health, happiness, direction and enjoyment (and so much more!).

To help you simplify your own life, the simple, strategic and non-overwhelming way, I created this simplicity workbook, Simplify Your Life.

Think of it as a decluttering course for your life just as you would declutter your home.

I will take you on your own simplicity journey to help you stop, think and make small, consistent and impactful changes that are right for you all in one structured place.

Let’s make finding simplicity easy, fun and enjoyable!


If you don’t want to take my word for it, here are some lovely comments from past students who’ve worked through the guide…

“This was such a great little course. It’s made me think about my life in a different way and helps me understand how and why I make decisions about my life and what I let in and keep out. It’s been an eye-opener!” (F.R. Dorset)

“If you’re feeling stuck in life or need some direction, this course is a good start. For me it’s been about exploring what I want in life and finding ways to make that happen by getting rid of the stuff that gets in the way.” (G.R. Leicester)

“Thank you for this course. I joined not knowing what to expect but I’d lost direction in life and felt I needed to do something. The simple lessons and questions helped me understand more about what I wanted and how to make some changes to get me there!” (J.D. Surrey)

Join the course now and you’ll get instant access so you can dive in as soon as you’re ready.

Simplify Your Life


The course takes you on a journey of reflection and self-discovery. We’re looking at your mindset and choices and how the inner you is vital in crafting the outer life you want. I have other practical courses that simplify specific areas of your life, but this course is much more fundamental. In short, I ask you to think and reflect, a lot! 

I encourage you to rediscover yourself, challenge complex emotions and reflect on the things that both make you tick and hold you back. We look at how simplifying your life can be the start of something new and we explore practical ways you can simplify your right now…

If you have any questions at all about the course, please do email me at

This course will help you think and do things differently. I hope it helps you reconnect with yourself and find direction through simplicity and intention. If this is something you’re looking for, why not make a start today…

Let’s make the most of this precious life of yours, right now…