Let’s look after you!

A workbook and planner to help you prioritise self-care.

Stop letting busy life get in the way of what you need and want ❤

Ultimate Self-Care Toolkit

Maybe I should reframe that to read ‘Why you are important.’

As Diane Von Furstenberg stated, “The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself.”

Many of us are great at supporting, encouraging and guiding our friends and loved ones, but we’re often not so great at doing the same for ourselves.

We prioritise everything and everyone else and snatch what little time is left over for ourselves. As a result, we can often feel tired, worn out, frustrated, even a little resentful.

I don’t think this is the key to a happy and full life for either us or the people who need and rely on us.

Practicing regular self-care helps us avoid burn-out and keeps our bodies and minds strong and resilient for every day life.

If you’re struggling to find time and space for yourself, this Ultimate Self-Care Toolkit will help you find it… ❤


We all know deep-down that looking after ourselves is important but keeping that up can be tough.

Being pulled in every direction leaves us little time, energy or motivation and self-care feels like yet another thing to add to our To Do List.

Let’s find a way to change that. 😊

Ultimate self-care toolkit
This toolkit will help you:
  • Identify how you feel right now and how you’d like to feel instead
  • Find ways to nourish your body and mind that are simple, realistic and effective
  • Understand the different types of self-care that we need for a positive, balanced life
  • Identify stumbling blocks that get in your way and how to overcome them
  • Establish healthy habits and routines which you can do even when life happens!

This toolkit is a deep-dive into making self-care a regular part of your daily life, the simple and realistic way!

It’s 30 pages long and split into different sections so you can work through it at a pace that feels right to you.

Ultimate Self-Care Toolkit
Re-visit the toolkit whenever you need!

Life changes, we change, our needs change.

After purchase, you can download, save and print out this toolkit so it’s there for you whenever you need.

I update my resources regularly and you’ll receive these updates automatically whenever you log in.

Feel free to revisit the exercises and plan a self-care routine that fits around your life and what you want from it 😊

Ultimate Self-Care Toolkit

After purchase, you’ll be able to access and download your workbook right away. It’s very simple and straightforward (hopefully like my website!).

Due to the digital nature of this product, I’m afraid refunds aren’t available but if you have any problems or questions at any time, please email me at and I’ll do my best to help.

Stop running yourself into the ground or taking second place. Self-care is vital for a positive and confident you. You deserve that and your loved ones do too…

Live your life as the best version of you!

Let’s create a self-care routine that fits your life and what you want from it…