The courses and workbooks on this page are here to support your simplicity journey in different ways. 

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Detailed, self-paced courses that you can access right now!


Stop wasting your days and your life. This is a time management course with intentional living at its heart. Carve out more time for what’s important to you.



An introduction to simplicity and living intentionally in your every day. Stop living on auto-pilot. Let go of what brings you down and make space for what lifts you up.



Downloadable PDF guides to tackle specific topics.

Master Your Mindset is a thought-provoking 29-page PDF workbook with practical self-care tips to cultivate a healthy, positive mindset.


Make Your Day Work For You is a 35-page PDF workbook to help you take control of your day instead of your day controlling you.


Simplify Your Wardrobe is a 21-page PDF workbook to help you streamline and declutter your closet, love your clothes and feel great!


Simplify Your Home is a complete decluttering course in digital downloadable PDF format to help you declutter and streamline your entire home.