On this page you’ll find a collection of guides and workbooks to help you simplify and declutter different aspects of your life and work through at your own pace.

All my resources are priced in US Dollars. After purchase, you’ll receive a link to download, save, view and print out your material if you’d like.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me by email at and I’d be happy to help!

Simplify Your Life ($29)

An INTRODUCTION to intentional living and practical steps to begin SIMPLIFYING your life today! If you feel you’ve lost your way, you’d like to explore making changes in your life but you don’t know where to start – this guided workbook is the perfect place to begin.

Maximise Your Time ($29)

Declutter your schedule, get organised and productive and carve out MORE TIME for what REALLY MATTERS to you. If you feel that time is against you, you’re always busy with too much on your plate and time for yourself is squeezed out by your schedule – this course will help you change all that.

Simplify Your Home ($25)

DITCH CLUTTER and stress. Declutter and run your home on auto-pilot. FREE UP space, time and energy for living your life. If you’d like to declutter your home but need expert tips, guidance and moral support, this guide and workbook will take you through the process, step-by-step, room-by-room.

Ultimate Self-Care Toolkit ($15)

Make self-care a PRIORITY. Create a consistent, effective plan to take care of yourself that FITS AROUND your life. If you’re feeling in need of some TLC and want to look after yourself more but life keeps getting in the way – this practical and reflective toolkit will help you find a way to make that happen.

Master Your Mindset ($9)

BUILD confidence, positivity and self-esteem. POWERFUL exercises to explore how your thoughts affect your life choices. We make decisions based on our emotions so how you think and feel about things is vital. This toolkit will explore how your mind works and if it’s supporting you or holding you back.

Simplify Your Wardrobe ($9)

Declutter your clothes, love your style and LOOK FORWARD to getting dressed each day quickly, easily and HASSLE-FREE. This step-by-step workbook will help you declutter your closet and build a wardrobe that will continue to work for you, your body and your lifestyle.

Morning Routine Planner ($7)

Start your day the RIGHT WAY! Prepare body and mind with a solid, CONSISTENT morning routine that works for you. This practical workbook will help you plan an effective, simple but supportive morning practice that you’ll love and want to do every day!

Make Your Day Work For You ($9)

STOP chasing your tail all day. Be productive, not just busy and build structure and FREEDOM into your days. If you feel your days run away with you and it’s time to take control instead of being pushed and pulled in every direction – this powerful workbook will help you get to grips with your day.