The resources on this page are here to support your simplicity journey in different ways. 

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Simplify Your Life

Modern life is often busy and cluttered. Our focus is pulled towards chasing, achieving and doing and we’re drawn away from what brings us joy, peace and fulfilment.

Simplify Your Life is an introduction to intentional living. Most importantly, it’s designed to walk you through the first steps to clearing your clutter, identifying what you want more of in life and what you want less of.

More time, space, freedom and direction? Less stress, rushing, feeling unsettled, frustrated or burnt-out? Let’s take some practical first steps to help you on your way…

Maximise Your Time

Stop wasting your days and your life. This is a time management, productivity and organisation course with intentional living at its heart.

If you’re fed up of chasing your tail, always busy but feeling like you’re never getting anywhere, Maximise Your Time will help you manage your schedule, be effective and efficient and get the right stuff done.

Let’s carve out more time for you and make the most of, perhaps, your most limited resource. Don’t waste your time, Maximise Your Time instead!

Ultimate Self-Care Toolkit

We all know deep-down that looking after ourselves is important but keeping that up can be tough.

Being pulled in every direction leaves us little time, energy or motivation and self-care feels like yet another thing to add to our To Do List.

With journal prompts, practical exercises and challenges, this toolkit is a deep-dive into making self-care a regular part of your daily life, the simple and realistic way!


“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.” (Steve Maraboli)

This workbook will help you understand more about your own thoughts, feelings and mindset and how they shape your actions and decisions in life.

I hope it will help you build confidence, positivity and self-belief in yourself. I also hope it will lessen your stress and create a little more calm and peace in your thoughts.


In the words of George St-Pierre, “If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you do good.”

This workbook will help you create a closet of clothes that you love to wear, is easier to choose from and makes it quicker to get dressed each morning. 

Love your clothes, enjoy getting dressed and feel great about yourself – with minimum hassle and time!

Simplify Your Home

Struggling with chaos and clutter? Fed up of spending your spare time cleaning and tidying? Want a calm, inviting home that doesn’t suck your time and energy?

Simplify Your Home is a complete decluttering course in digital PDF format. We’ll declutter every room in your home and set up systems and routines to keep your home running on auto-pilot.

Free up your time and energy and stop being tied to your home and the stuff in it.