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Welcome to the shop. Here you’ll find a selection of downloadable courses, workbooks and planners. These are tried and tested tools to deep-dive into simplifying and decluttering different aspects of your home, schedule and life.

This is where you can reflect and take action, apply what you learn to your own life and make changes that really work for you.

All my resources are priced in US Dollars. After purchase, you’ll receive a link to view, save, download and print out your material if you’d like.


These courses are offered as downloadable PDF guides and workbooks to simplify three key areas – your life, your home and your time.

Simplify Your Life ($29)

An INTRODUCTION to intentional living and practical steps to begin SIMPLIFYING your life today!

Simplify Your Home ($25)

DECLUTTER and run your home on auto-pilot. FREE UP space, time and energy for living life with less stress.

Maximise Your Time ($29)

Declutter your schedule, get productive and carve out MORE TIME for what MATTERS to you.


Powerful printable workbooks with challenges, question prompts and tips to help you declutter and simplify specific areas of your life.

Ultimate Self-Care Toolkit ($15)

Make self-care a PRIORITY. Create a consistent, effective plan to take care of yourself that FITS INTO your life.

Master Your Mindset ($9)

BUILD confidence, positivity and self-esteem. POWERFUL exercises to explore how our thoughts affect our life choices.

Make Your Day Work For You ($9)

Run your day the way you want it to go. Create habits and routines that create EASE and FLOW for your day.

Simplify Your Wardrobe ($9)

Declutter your clothes, love your style and ENJOY getting dressed each day quickly, easily and HASSLE-FREE.

Morning Routine Planner ($7)

Start your day the RIGHT WAY! Plan a CONSISTENT and flexible morning routine that supports you for the day ahead.


Downloadable, undated planners to keep you on track, motivated and focused for a simpler, more intentional life.

Productivity Planner ($20)

Get ORGANISED, plan your schedule, track your progress and GET THE RIGHT THINGS DONE, the simple and strategic way.