10 Reasons Why Decluttering is Hard

10 Reasons Decluttering Is Hard

Many people struggling with decluttering their homes. Sometimes it’s because we don’t know where to start, we’ve got no time or we don’t know what to do with our unwanted stuff. Check out this post for 10 reasons why decluttering is hard and some tips on how to make decluttering easier.

Kids and chores – why and how to encourage kids to help at home

Kids and chores

I’ve always encouraged my kids to help do chores around the house. As long as the chores are age-appropriate, I feel that it will help my kids, both now and in the future, and the rest of the family certainly benefits too. Check out this post to learn more about kids and chores and why and how to encourage kids to help at home. I’ve also included some ideas for chores that your kids could do at different ages to help you all get started!

10-Step Survival Guide to Fun Holidays and Weekends for Busy Mothers

10-step survival guide to weekends and holidays for the busy mother

How many times have you looked forward to the weekend or holidays and can’t wait for them to come around, only to find you’re tearing your hair out within the first few hours?! Are the kids arguing and complaining of boredom? The weather’s turned bad, your home is messy and you need a break but can’t. Just check out my 10 step survival guide to fun holidays and weekends for busy mothers.

11 Ways Children Benefit From Fewer Toys

11 ways children benefit from having fewer toys

Decluttering toys was one of the best things I ever did to simplify my home and life. However, it wasn’t just me that enjoyed the benefits, my kids benefitted too! In this article I’m sharing 11 ways children benefit from fewer toys.

How to Set Goals and Keep Them

How to set goals and keep them

Goals are an important part of our personal growth and self-development. In this article we look at how to set goals and keep them. There’s a free printable download to access which will simplify the process and help make sure that the goals you set are meaningful and right for you. 

How to Declutter Your Sentimental Items

How to declutter sentimental items

Many people find it difficult to declutter and minimalise their stuff and some rooms in your home or types of things are definitely easier to declutter than others. Sentimental items that bring back memories or belong to someone you love, are particularly difficult and is an area where a lot of people get stuck. If you need help, then check out this post on how to declutter your sentimental items.

15 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better

15 ways to make yourself feel better

All of us feel tired, overwhelmed, stressed out or just out-of-sorts some days. It’s completely natural to feel like this every now and then but it’s a sign that we need to look after ourselves for a little. If you’re having one of ‘those’ moments and need some simple ideas to get yourself back on track, here are 15 ways to make yourself feel better.

5 Ways to Make Housework Quicker and Easier

5 ways to make housework easier and quicker

Who loves housework? I’m sure not many of us. Yet, if you’ve got a house and there’s at least one person living in it, let alone a family, then you’ll need to do housework at some point. How much, when and how you do it, is different for everyone. Some people even enjoy it! For the rest of us who try to put it off until tomorrow, here are 5 ways to make housework quicker and easier.

What To Do With All the Children’s Artwork

What to do with all your child's artwork

My children love creating artwork, anything from drawings and paintings to junk modelling with cardboard boxes and endless Lego constructions. I love them all and would like to keep everything but it’s not realistic. Check out this article so you can read my ideas on what to do when you’re buried under your children’s artwork…