Create Time for What Matters



A powerful little course to help you manage your time better.

Let’s give you more space and less stress in your schedule.


This course will help you:
  • Declutter your schedule like you’d declutter your home.
  • Stop wasting time, struggling through your day-to-day and with no time left for you.
  • Get organised, productive and intentional with your time and how you invest it.

Maximise Your Time will teach you how to do all this AND carve out more time for what truly matters to you.

Imagine what you could do with that extra time (and this course will help you discover that!)…

What you can look forward to:
  • An online self-paced course with 7 step-by-step modules packed with individual lessons and challenges to help you take action!
  • We’ll go through your days, your schedule and ways you can be more productive and organised.
  • A beautiful companion workbook as an optional printable to give you extra structure and focus.

My goal is to help you do what you need to do and still have MORE time for yourself and what matters to you.

One of my favourite quotes is by author Annie Dillard.

“How you spend your days is, of course, how you spend your life.”

Sit with this a moment and it’s a powerful reminder of how precious our time really is.

Every day that passes is a day you won’t ever get back…

Are you spending your days how you want to spend your life?

If the answer is no (or you’d like to explore making some changes) then you’re not alone. So many of my readers shared the same feelings and that’s why I created Maximise Your Time.

To help you make the most of, perhaps, your most limited resource…


When life gets busy we can feel stressed out and out-of-sync with the life we’d like to be leading. We want to press ‘pause’ to give ourselves space and breathing room to catch up. However, that’s not likely to happen, especially if you have lots going on and lots on your plate!

Maximise Your Time will help you take control of your time instead of your time controlling you. Here’s what you’ll learn…

Module 1: Making time for what matters

How to define your priorities, be comfortable with saying no, be less busy and take control of where and how you spend your time.

Module 2: Structure your day

Book-end your day with morning and evening routines tailored to your life and create healthy habits that really support you and which you’ll stick to.

Module 3: Productivity

Identify the biggest sucks on your time, be strategic with your to-do list and get stuff done like a pro!

Module 4: Making time for you

Carve out space in your day for you and how you really want to spend it.

Module 5: Getting organised

Simple tips and solutions to organise your own home, schedule, storage and filing and avoid wasted time and unnecessary stress.

Module 6: Time management tools and tips

Discover tried-and-tested time management hacks and solutions to help you be efficient AND effective, both at home and work.

Module 7: Looking forward

Time management is the secret sauce of an intentional life. Don’t allow busy life to get in the way of the things that you most value.

Maximise Your Time

Join the course now and you’ll get instant access to all the lessons and workbook so you can dive in as soon as you’re ready.

What is the cost?

The course costs $25 or £19.99 (just choose your favoured option). This is partly to cover the costs in creating it but also to encourage you to make a commitment to yourself to explore and make changes.

How do I access the course?

I use Teachable to host my courses. It’s a really easy, user-friendly platform even if you’re not tech-savvy!

When you click the Buy Now button, you’ll be invited to create a new account (you can use your existing Teachable log in details if you already have a Teachable account) along with your payment details.

After purchase you’ll have immediate access to the course and contents.

What if I’m unsatisfied?

My aim is to help simplify your life so I hope you’d never be unsatisfied! However, if you do feel unhappy with the course for some reason, there’s a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

What if I have other questions?

Email me at and I’d be happy to help you out!


Stop going to bed each night wondering where the day went, worrying about what you didn’t get done and missing out on the important things because you were too busy trying to do everything.

That’s no way to spend your days, or your life, but you can change that right now.

Your time is precious, why wait?

Balance Through Simplicity

For many years I juggled raising a young family with a demanding job. I ignored the warning signs of doing too much for too long until a melt-down made me re-evaluate my life and misplaced priorities.

Through a lot of research and a fair amount of trial and error (!), I learnt that simplifying my life was the key to an easier, less stressful but much more fulfilling life for myself and my family.

Over the years I’ve turned my passion for the simple life into a website which helps other busy people simplify their lives too and find a better balance through simplicity!


Stop wasting your days and your life…

Let’s Maximise Your Time: