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Annual Goal-Setting Workbook

Goal-Setting Workbook


A 78-page workbook with step-by-step ACTION PLAN to help you set MEANINGFUL GOALS that really matter to YOU.


Busy life has a habit of pushing and pulling us in every direction. There are things that demand our time, attention, focus and energy. Our priorities in life, and what really TRULY matters, get pushed this way and that whilst we carry on with the every day.

But we often want MORE from life. We want purpose, meaning, fulfilment. We want to do, be, see and achieve things that are important to US, not just what our busy life dictates is important to us. We want a life that MEANS SOMETHING.

Perhaps you:

  • Have LOTS OF IDEAS but don’t know HOW TO MAKE THEM HAPPEN?
  • Have BIG DREAMS for the future but don’t know how to put them INTO PRACTICE?
  • Want to set goals but not sure where or how to START?
  • Set goals in the past but get side-tracked or DON’T STICK to them?
  • Get frustrated that you DON’T ACHIEVE what you set out to?
  • Need help breaking down your plans into MANAGEABLE, REALISTIC STEPS?

I totally understand how you feel because I felt like that too…


“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”

– Nora Roberts


  • Setting goals is a great way of MAKING CHANGES, improving your life and LOOKING FORWARD to the future. But, we often set goals with all good intentions and then can’t keep them up. Life gets in the way and our plans change. I get it!
  • This Goal-Setting Workbook can help change that for you. It’s a step-by-step workbook to help you set meaningful goals, a simple ACTION PLAN to make them happen and regular review to make sure they’re still important and relevant.
  • It will walk you through the entire GOAL-SETTING PROCESS. You’ll review your life right now, work out what you’d like to CHANGE or BUILD ON and brainstorm EXACTLY how you’re going to do that.
  • Let go of unhelpful mindsets. Distractions, feelings of what you ‘should do’, regrets or wasting time trying to achieve goals that aren’t going in the direction that you REALLY want to go.
  • Use the worksheets and printable pages. Get your thoughts out of your head and keep you FOCUSED and MOTIVATED on setting clear, intentional goals that MATTER to you.

P.S. Goal-setting isn’t just for the new year. This workbook will help you set goals no matter WHEN you start!

Goal-Setting Workbook


This is what’s included in the Workbook so you know exactly what to expect:

  • Instant download 78-page PDF
  • Last year in review to assess where you are right now
  • Clear your mind exercise so you can start with a fresh mind
  • Define your priorities and decide what’s most important
  • Define your values and decide what’s meaningful to you
  • Choose your word for the year to give you an annual theme
  • Brain dump your goals for this year to start drafting your future goals
  • Define your goals for this year to get focus and clarity
  • Brain dump your goals for next year so you have a long-term plan
  • Plan your goals for each month and monthly templates to prioritise what’s important
  • Monthly action plan and review for consistent, achievable progress
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goal planning sheets to plan your action steps
  • Goal brainstorm sheet to get an overview
  • Habit tracker printable to help you develop and stick to helpful habits
  • SMART and life goals worksheets for goal-setting in different areas of your life
  • Goal vision board and brain dump sheets to easily brainstorm your goals
  • Goal checklist templates for simple, effective goal-planning
  • Short and long term goal-setting worksheet to map out a complete, but flexible plan


Here’s just a snapshot of what you’ll find inside the Workbook. There are 78 pages of planning templates and worksheets to help you build your own PERSONALISED annual goals.

Goal-setting workbook
Goal-setting workbook
Goal-setting workbook
Goal-setting workbook
Goal-setting workbook


Hi, I’m Antonia, and my goal is to help busy people feel less overstretched and overwhelmed by decluttering and simplifying their homes and life.

A decade ago I was juggling kids, work and general life. I was trying to do it all but was feeling overstretched, tired and run down. My home and life made me feel like I was on a treadmill and the faster I ran to keep up, the tougher it was to get off.

I didn’t realise how bad things were until I reached burn-out. Although tough, looking back it was the catalyst for big changes. I learnt how to declutter my home and simplify my life through getting rid of excess stuff and things that brought me down – and made space and time for what mattered more to me instead.

It wasn’t easy and I made many mistakes and false-starts. Since then I’ve shared my experiences to help and teach others to find a better balance through simplicity. Not necessarily an easy life, but EASIER and I want that for you too if you need it…

Why not use the Annual Goal-Setting Workbook to find purpose and direction and BUILD YOUR BEST LIFE?

Goal-Setting Workbook


  • 78-page instant access PDF (you receive both A4 and US Letter sizes)
  • Designed minimally for easy printing
  • Receive regular updates automatically
  • This is a digital download so unfortunately refunds are not available
  • For personal use only
  • Got a question or want more information, no problem! Email me at [email protected] and I’ll help you out!

Stop settling for just getting by. Life is TOO PRECIOUS. Now could be the time to make real changes and achieve whatever you set out to!

Let’s get started…