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Master Your Mindset Toolkit

Master Your Mindset


A 29-page action plan for positive thinking and a self-care system for your mind.

Master Your Mindset is currently closed for updates. In the meantime you might enjoy this article on how to build good habits for a positive mindset.


  • Does everybody else seem like they’ve got it together but you’re only just holding it together?
  • Do you struggle with making change but you’re desperate for a fresh start or new way of doing things?
  • Do you put things off, come up with excuses, find it difficult to make choices and just end up feeling frustrated and stuck?
  • Do you want more from life but you feel held back, you’re not good enough or lacking in confidence?
  • Do you have big ideas of what you want to achieve but can’t find the motivation or focus to make them happen?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then this Master Your Mindset workbook is here to help you.

In the words of Joyce Meyer “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind”.

How you think determines your emotions, the decisions you make and actions you take. So your mindset shapes how you approach and show up for your life including how you make changes, deal with challenges and explore new opportunities.

With a positive mindset, you can live your life to the fullest, in whatever way that means to you.

This Master Your Mindset workbook will help you understand how your mindset is affecting your LIFE CHOICES, both in your every day and shaping your future. We’ll create an ACTION PLAN for positive thinking and a SELF-CARE SYSTEM for a positive mind.

Master Your Mindset


  • Instant download 29-page PDF
  • Introduction and how to use this workbook to understand yourself more
  • Mindset is key in affecting how you think, feel and act
  • Is fear holding you back from living your life to the fullest?
  • The comparison trap and making you feel less than you can be
  • Procrastination and inaction and how to overcome this
  • Managing expectation to make changes that are sustainable and right for you
  • Mini mindset challenges for positive thinking
  • Defining what’s (really) important to you and why it matters
  • The happiness factor and how to find it
  • Brain dump challenge to clear your thoughts and find clarity and focus
  • Mindset journal prompts to explore how you really think
  • Self-care action points for your mindset to look after yourself
  • Create your own mindset self-care plan and especially when you need it most
Master Your Mindset


“Loved the exercises and questions. Made me really think about why I did things and didn’t keep up others.” Paula, NW

“I’ve been wanting to make changes and improve myself and my life but I think I was approaching it wrong. I was doing all the outside work but hadn’t thought about the inner work too. This workbook made me stop to think, which I hadn’t done before.” Nora, Kent


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