Take the Free 30-Day Gratitude Challenge

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

One of the keys to a enjoying a simpler, intentional life is to make space for what matters and what we have right here, right now. Take my FREE 30 day gratitude challenge to help you fully appreciate what you do have, instead of chasing what you don’t have.


I think many of us (including myself sometimes) tend to take things for granted. We only realise how much we love or use something until we’re forced to be without.

This is why I think the mindset of gratitude is such an important one, but it’s so easily overlooked or forgotten. We fail to appreciate what we have already and to be grateful and thankful that we have it in our lives.

When we realise how lucky we already are for what we have in our lives, we’re much more likely to feel happy, content and satisfied with what we DO have, instead of constantly seeking more of what we DON’T.

Not only can this constant chasing make us feel unsettled and unclear but we can become complacent and oblivious to all the things that enrich our lives already.

Making gratitude a daily practice can be such a wonderful way of appreciating what you have, building on that instead of always chasing what’s on the other side.

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” (Unknown)

30-day Gratitude Challenge

I know your time is precious and your days are probably full of things to do and places to be. So, this challenge has been created with you in mind!

  • The challenge is based on a series of question prompts which I encourage you to work through – one prompt for each day.
  • Thinking and responding to each of the prompts can take as long as you like so you can get the most out of the challenge even if you don’t think you’ve got much spare time.

The purpose of the challenge is to help you feel happier and more at peace in your life by thinking a little differently.

I hope it also encourages you to identify any areas of your life that perhaps you’re not so happy with or things you’d like to change or develop. 

Are you ready?


Over the next 30 days, just take one day at a time and reflect on the question prompts. You could mull the question over in your mind as you go about your day, or sit with pen and paper to journal your thoughts and explore them.

As you consider the questions, don’t just think about your answer but perhaps find ways you can honour and nurture what you’re grateful for. Can you do something towards them every day?

Gratitude isn’t just a mindset, it’s also useful in helping us define our priorities and what’s most important to us. A clutter-free life is all about making space for these things in our every day.

Day 1: What am I most grateful for in my life right now?

Day 2: Who am I grateful for in my life right now?

Day 3: What am I most grateful for about my home?

Day 4: Which friendships and relationships am I most grateful for?

Day 5: What memory am I most grateful for?

Day 6: Which holiday or experience did I enjoy the most?

Day 7: What do I like most about my body?

Day 8: What is my greatest skill?

Day 9: What do I like most about myself?

Day 10: What makes me want to get out of bed in the morning?

Day 11: Which food am I most grateful for?

Day 12: What was I most grateful for yesterday?

Day 13: When do I feel most happy?

Day 14: What am I most looking forward to in the next month?

Day 15: What am I most passionate about?

Day 16: What do I love best about nature?

Day 17: What do I like best about my work?

Day 18: Which book did I recently read that I loved?

Day 19: What do I take for granted that I should be more grateful for?

Day 20: What am I grateful for that made me laugh?

Day 21: What part of my daily life am I most grateful for?

Day 22: Which day of the week am I most grateful for?

Day 23: What task did I achieve yesterday that I’m most grateful for?

Day 24: What difficult experience or situation am I most grateful for?

Day 25: What success in my life am I most grateful for?

Day 26: What new opportunity am I most grateful for?

Day 27: What colour am I most grateful for?

Day 28: What hobby or leisure activity am I most grateful for?

Day 29: What recent conversation am I most grateful for?

Day 30: When did I last say thank you to someone or make them smile?


I hope you enjoyed this little challenge and it helped you explore your life now and how you feel about it.

You might like to revisit some of the questions every now and then and see what answers come up for you? It may change over time!

A gratitude practice isn’t just a list of things that we feel lucky or thankful for in our life.

A gratitude practice can be useful. You can use it to build up a picture of your life and how you feel about it.

  • Are you happy, living a full and free life or are you tired and stressed out?
  • Do you do things regularly to honour your priorities or does your busy life get in the way?
  • Do you want more time and space to do the things you want to do and live a full, purposeful life instead of just feeling stuck and treading water?

If you’d like to try something new and learn more about how you can find focus, carve out more time and create more freedom, then my free little course, Your Intentional Life, could be just what you need!

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