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Your Intentional Life: A Free Intentional Living Challenge

Your Intentional Life: A Free Intentional Living Challenge


Your Intentional Life is a FREE 7-day email course that will help you look at your life differently. With daily emails and simple challenges, we’ll cover some important steps you need to take to simplify your life. Find your focuscarve out more time and create more freedomThis is a small course with a big purpose! This is Your Intentional Life. Make it count.


When life gets busy with work, kids, financial pressures, too much to do and too little time to do it in, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important.

We struggle from day-to-day whilst forgetting to look at the bigger picture. Things like goals, personal development, self-care, free time for ourselves and with our loved ones go out of the window.

Instead we get hung up on housework, long hours at work or how to pay the bills, resigned to not having enough hours in the day to fit everything in.

We sacrifice the things we WANT to do because we’re still doing the things we NEED to do. Part of this might be down to necessity and responsibility but much of it is to do with familiar habits, reluctance or uncertainty about making changes, or we’re just living on autopilot and going through the motions. But, why?

“Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before others’ choices make us.” (Richie Norton)


What if I was to show you a way to ensure your life stays on track, you’re achieving what you want to achieve and that you’re making the best decisions for your fulfilled and happy life – whatever that looks like to you?

It’s no big secret how to do this. It’s just about simplifying your life and being INTENTIONAL with the decisions you make and the actions you take.

Being intentional with everything that you let into your life from the stuff in your home to how you spend your time, will help clear the clutter, find clarity and let you build a life you love on a really strong foundation.

It won’t completely remove the ups and downs from life, but it will give you mental space, time and flexibility to deal with them – and for living your life TO THE FULL.


Your Intentional Life is a FREE short training course, delivered direct into your inbox every day for one week, to help you reflect on your life. I hope to encourage you to build a life you love, the simple and intentional way.

This includes:

  • Assessing your life now and what you would like to change
  • Defining your priorities and how you’re going to honour them
  • Investing your time, energy and money on things that really matter
  • Simple, actionable steps to begin creating a home and schedule that works for you
  • Practical ways to take ownership of your life and the direction it’s going in
  • Help to focus on your mental and physical wellbeing without feeling guilty
  • Motivation, support and real-life solutions to help you be the boss of your life
Your Intentional Life - take the free intentional living challenge


“This course was very helpful and smartly made so that I received an email once a day, not overwhelming me with information but keeping me interested nonetheless. It went to the root of the clutter problem and made me think, formulate my goals and make smarter, more purposeful decisions.” (Anna I, Czech Republic)

“Fantastic course! I feel motivated to live my life the way I need to for my happiness.”

“I liked that an email came into my inbox every day and it was just the right length, content, and thought provoker for just that day.” (BP Delta, AL)

“Easy to follow and understand. Lovely supportive words of encouragement.” (I.O.)

“It has been of great value to simplifying life and realising what is truly important. The impact of today’s society places many pressures particularly on mothers and being present with our children is what’s often missing at detriment to our children and us as parents. Your course not only highlights this but also offers valuable resources on how to help overcome this and through intentional living enjoy what’s really important to live a fulfilled family life.” (Anon)


When you join the training, you can expect the following:

  • 7 days of emails delivered straight into your inbox with all the info you need in one handy place
  • Each daily email will cover different topics around intentional living, what it is and why it matters
  • Guidance and practical advice on different ways to become more intentional at home and in your life
  • Actionable challenges and question prompts to help you apply what you’re learning to your own life
  • Links to further reading and resources if you’d like to explore any of the topics further


If you have any questions about the course, please drop me an email at [email protected].

So, if you’re ready to get started right now for yourself, pop your details in the box below so I know where to send you the information!

Let me help you press pause on your busy life. Get clarity and focus on what’s important to you and simplify this complicated life so you have more direction, ease and happiness!

I can’t wait for you to live Your Intentional Life…