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20 Simple Things To Do When You’re Having a Bad Day

20 Simple Things To Do When You’re Having a Bad Day

We all have days when things don’t seem to go right or we’re not feeling very happy or positive. Here are some quick tips to help you feel a little better and 20 simple things to do when you’re having a bad day.


Bad days affect us all every now and then. Sometimes we can all feel grumpy, tearful, annoyed, tired, frustrated or just lacking in energy and our usual oomph.

It’s perfectly natural for our moods and emotions to ebb and flow in rhythm. After all, life can be great but it can also be complicated, tiring and demanding.

Simplifying life in general can make it easier, but simplifying doesn’t make it easy. It makes it eas-IER. Some days still seem harder than others and it’s perfectly ok to admit to ourselves when we’re having a bad day.

We could just give in and say to ourselves that tomorrow is another day. And, although tomorrow most definitely is another day, sometimes we have to do things right now, even when we don’t feel like it. Whether that’s a big meeting at work or a day looking after our little ones, there are things and people that need us right now, not tomorrow. We can’t press the pause or fast forward button on life, as lovely as that might be!

So, it’s helpful to have some tips and ideas to draw upon when you’ve lost your mojo but really need to get it back. I hope the following ideas help a little…

They don’t need to take long and won’t cost lots of money (if any). You can pick and choose which ideas work best for you in the moment.


Here are 20 simple things to do when you’ve having a bad day.

  1. Do some yoga to move and stretch your body. Try YouTube for some inspiration.
  2. Close your eyes for a few minutes and listen to your own thoughts instead of the noise around you.
  3. Listen to a guided meditation, focus on your breathing and what your body and mind is saying to you. Be present.
  4. Turn up the music, sing and dance around the home.
  5. Treat yourself to some chocolate, a bunch of flowers or just a cup of tea (which you drink whilst it’s warm!)
  6. Have a shower to wash away the difficult feelings and invigorate yourself.
  7. Phone someone you love, catch up on news and have a laugh.
  8. Give your home a clean and reset to get rid of your negative thoughts along with the dust and clutter.
  9. Journal or brain dump your thoughts onto paper and out of your busy brain.
  10. Write a list of things you need To Do and get them done to help you feel productive and motivated.
  11. Take a nap and recharge your internal batteries.
  12. Light a candle and bring a sense of calm and warmth.
  13. Go for a walk, get your body moving and enjoy a change of scene.
  14. Go to a café for a coffee and people watch.
  15. Declutter a room, a drawer or a cupboard to clear your stuff and your mind.
  16. Read a chapter of your book and enjoy some time to yourself.
  17. Listen to your favourite song or piece of music and feel uplifted.
  18. Have a good cry and let it all out.
  19. Put the kids in front of a film, set them up with some art materials or put them to bed for a nap and use the time to recharge yourself.
  20. Be kind to yourself…
20 simple things to do when you're having a bad day


Out of these 20 simple things to do when you’re having a bad day, number 20 is the most important. BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

Remember that…

  • You don’t need to do it all today, or even do it all at the same time. Do what you can, when you can.
  • Setting up expectations that are unrealistic only serves to bring you down or cause burn-out.
  • Acknowledge that some days are better than others.
  • When you have a bad day, just do what you need to do, the basics and the priorities, and move on.
  • You don’t need to control things or set the bar so high that not even you can reach it.
  • Consistency is key and doing a little bit, often.

Be kind to yourself today…


Often times, changing the pace, switching task (and focus) and doing something a little different can be all you need to lift yourself up and out. That’s where these simple little things might help.

It’s also important to know yourself.

Some times of the day or days in the month feel more difficult than others. Some of us feel more energetic or motivated in the morning, others are night owls. Know your body and listen to its natural ups and downs.

Try to get things done when you’re feeling most productive and effective and cut yourself some slack when you’re not feeling so great.

If you find you’re having more downs than ups over a long period, maybe explore other sources of support if you feel this would help.

Knowing yourself is key to helping yourself.


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