Decluttering as self care

Decluttering As Self Care

Decluttering might not be the most exciting form of self care that springs to mind! Yet, it’s one of the most effective ways of making you feel better in the long term. Check out this post for reasons why you should think about decluttering as self care and why it has such a positive impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing.


When we think about self care we tend to imagine spa treatments, holidays, going to the hairdressers, reading a book, meditating and other activities that generally make us feel good. Yet, there’s a form of self care which isn’t talked about much and it’s certainly not what most of us would think about doing if we had a few minutes to ourselves!

Wondering what I’m talking about? Well, it’s not the slightly guilt-inducing, luxury self care that social media would encourage us to take. And there’s really no way of making it sound more appealing! So, let’s call it out for what it is. Decluttering.

I know, it doesn’t sound very enticing and probably not something that you dream about spending your precious free time doing, but decluttering can actually be one of the most successful forms of self care. Read on and I’ll give you some reasons why!

Decluttering as self care
#1 Reduces stress

Scientific studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between clutter and stress. You can read more about the research here, but in summary, when our environments are cluttered with too much stuff then we become less able to focus, more easily distracted and our stress levels rise.

When there’s less clutter, there’s LESS STRESS so decluttering can reduce your overwhelm and calm you down.

Decluttering as self care makes you feel less stressed.

#2 Gives you more time

When you have less to tidy up and clean, you have more time for other things. Self care is about being able to switch off from your usual daily To Do list and do something just for you, but often we struggle to find the time to do this. We end up battling with our guilt because (in our minds) we’ve got so much else that we SHOULD be doing (housework, laundry etc) that self care seems a waste of time.

Decluttering your home means you have less to do and more free TIME on your hands.

Decluttering as self care gives you more free time.

#3 Establishes calm

Building on the first point in this list, too much clutter around us can distract the eye and the mind. We’re visually and mentally stimulated (even if we’re not conscious of it) by too much going on around us.

Remove the clutter and your space takes on a different energy. It becomes CALMER, more peaceful and therefore more relaxing. 

Decluttering as self care makes your environment more calm.

Decluttering as self-care
#4 Creates freedom

I don’t know about you, but as a mother I’m constantly torn in two conflicting directions. On the one hand, I love my kids and want to spend as much precious time with them as possible whilst they still want me around. On the other hand, I want to scream, escape and just do my own thing sometimes (even if it’s to quickly pop to the shops for milk), without carting around a load of little hangers-on! Sometimes I just crave freedom.

Decluttering your home gives you more free time. Time which isn’t spent tidying and cleaning the home and looking after what’s in it.

More time means more FREEDOM for you to choose how you spend it.

If you want to go for a day out then you can, without worrying about the piles of laundry and dishes you’ve left behind or what you’re coming back to. Decluttering as self care lets you enjoy more freedom.

#5 Adds value

When you’ve been with the kids all day, or at work all day (or a mix of both), you probably don’t have much energy left. So, you escape for some time out for yourself to practice a little self care. However, as much as you try to switch off, in the back of your mind you know that you’ve still got chores to do, a home to run and lots of things to do.

Time for you isn’t only limited because of the time slot you’ve got, but it’s also limited by your ability to totally switch off and relax into whatever that self care means to you. However, decluttering your home means that you’re reducing one of the main sources of your stress or one of the biggest sucks on your time – your home and the things in it.

Self care is important enough but there’s added VALUE if you’re changing the rest of your life too.

Self care, such as escaping to the coffee shop or painting your nails is important but it won’t make the source of your tiredness or stress go away. Instead, it’s just postponing it or putting it off. Decluttering as self care hits the problem at its root by taking away the elements that cause a lot of your stress and tiredness in the first place.

#6 Effective and practical

Imagine you manage to get some time to yourself and you decide to hit the shops. More than likely you’ll end up buying things you don’t really need, wasting your money and tiring yourself out. Sometimes we think we just have to buy something because it’s going to make us feel better. It would be a sign of failure to come home empty-handed and a waste of our precious free time. Instead of making you feel better, this kind of self care is self-sabotaging and just makes us feel worse.

Self care that just wastes your time and money makes you feel selfish, guilty and resentful.

However, when you practice self care that’s truly effective, you should feel rejuvenated and energised. Decluttering as self care is effective because it’s got a practical, valuable end goal.


Self care is about doing what you want and need to do to feel good. It’s about restoring your body and mind to a positive state even after a busy day, so that you’re ready for whatever life throws at you next!

There are lots of more traditional ways you can practice a little self care but I’d encourage you to add decluttering to your list!

It doesn’t matter whether you have a whole weekend to spare or just 10 minutes, tackling the clutter in your home is a great way of creating more time, energy and freedom for you.

Decluttering is self care for the long term, making life generally easier and simpler, rather than just sticking a plaster on the problem which only provides short term relief.

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