9 Perfect Gift Ideas for Minimalists

9 perfect gift ideas for Minimalists

Minimalists don’t like clutter but that doesn’t mean we don’t love presents or appreciate the generosity of gift-giving! To make it easier knowing what to buy for the Minimalist in your life, check out this post on 9 perfect gift ideas for Minimalists.


If you’re a Minimalist looking for clutter-free gifts for your family and friends, it’s sometimes difficult to come up with ideas. If you’re not a Minimalist, it’s even more difficult trying to come up with gifts for your Minimalist loved ones. How do you know that your gift won’t just end up in the charity shop before long?

To help you out and make it easier for you to choose thoughtful and special gifts that will appeal to both Minimalists and non-Minimalists alike, here’s 9 perfect gift ideas to give you some inspiration.

9 perfect gift ideas for minimalists
#1 A subscription or membership gift

This could be a subscription to a magazine or to Amazon Prime for example. It could be membership to a wine club, or an annual membership to a local attraction. It’s something that’s just a little bit different and not something we would normally include in our monthly household budget. Better still, it’s a little treat that we can look forward to or take advantage of over a number of weeks or months, rather than just a one-off present at Christmas or our birthday.

#2 A consumable gift

Consumable gifts could be things like bath or beauty products, art and craft supplies, bottles of wine. These are gifts that we enjoy but use up. They don’t lie around collecting dust or taking up our space. We can really appreciate them whilst we’re using them but when they’re gone, they’re gone!

#3 An experience gift

There are lots of experience gifts to choose from including restaurant experiences, concerts or performances, spa days and treatments to learning to fly or jumping out of a plane. There’s something for everyone, you can remember the experience for ages to come and probably take lots of photos along the way.

#4 A food gift

Anything from a box of biscuits to a luxury hamper makes a great food gift. Everyone has to eat and it’s lovely to receive something yummy that we wouldn’t normally treat ourselves too. Better still, once eaten, there’s not a lot of waste or clutter apart from the packaging!

#5 A charity donation in their name

This is a thoughtful gift for somebody who has a great cause that they’d like to contribute to, rather than have something for themselves.

#6 A useful gift

Minimalists choose to keep what they love, adds value to their lives and what is useful, so a useful gift is always a welcome one! The definition of useful is different for everyone so you might need to check first with whoever you’re giving the gift to, that it IS going to be useful to them. Choose something genuinely useful and it won’t just add to the clutter and will come in handy time and time again.

#7 A wearable gift

We all wear clothes and even good quality clothes won’t last forever, so giving someone something that will add to or replace their existing wardrobe is a great gift. Make sure it’s in a similar style to the clothes they normally wear otherwise it’ll just add to the clutter in their wardrobe or be donated to the charity shop.

#8 A self-development gift

Self development and investing in yourself is rarely clutter so a self-development gift is a good choice. It could be anything from a book to online study or evening classes.

#9 A gift of your time/skill/experience

This type of gift is a bit of a catch-all and one that’s good if money is tight for you this year. You could give your time and offer to babysit, clean the house, take the dog for walks or cook meals. There are lots of different things you could offer. Choose whatever fits your expertise and is something that the person you’re offering the gift to really needs!


All of these suggestions will really show that you’ve put thought and care into your choice of gift which is important as it’s the thought that counts, after all!

Although your gift is Minimalist in not adding unnecessary or unwanted clutter, you’re still able to show how much you love the person by choosing them a gift that fits in with their choice of lifestyle and what they’re trying to achieve. If it’s the thought that counts, then you’ve definitely got it right!