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If decluttering your home sounds too overwhelming or time-consuming, try out my free 30 Day Declutter Challenge. Break it down into manageable chunks by decluttering just one room, area or type of item each day for 30 days. Keep reading to join the 30 Day Declutter Challenge for a more clutter-free home in just 30 days!

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Have you ever wondered about the relationship between Minimalism and decluttering? Can you declutter if you’re not a Minimalist and can you adopt Minimalism if you don’t declutter? Here are some thoughts on the one essential difference between Minimalism and decluttering so you can get the most out of both!

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My children love creating artwork, anything from drawings and paintings to junk modelling with cardboard boxes and endless Lego constructions. I love them all and would like to keep everything but it’s not realistic. Check out this article so you can read my ideas on what to do when you’re buried under your children’s artwork…

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