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3 Reasons to Be Minimalist

3 Reasons to Be Minimalist

Minimalism has changed my life for the better in so many ways. In this post I’ve picked just 3 reasons to be Minimalist, for which I’m grateful each and every day. If you’re new to Minimalism, struggling to get started or just want a reminder of how Minimalism improves your life, then read on. Here are some daily reminders to inspire a more intentional lifestyle and 3 reasons to be Minimalist.


It’s so easy to get swayed by the temptations of modern life. Everywhere we look we’re encouraged to buy more, do more, be more. Bigger, better, more successful.

When it comes down to it though, does more of all these things make us happier and more fulfilled?

Does super-sizing our lives with everything on offer really contribute to a better life?

Or does it just mean that we’re constantly wanting more, looking out for ways to achieve more and aim higher. We keep reaching for those misguided goals and unrealistic dreams. For things that we think we want, but usually fail to satisfy us once we’ve got them.


It took many years of self-reflection (and mis-spent time and money) to realise that I don’t actually want things because other people have them, despite thinking that I did.

I worked hard to be independent and have freedom to spend my money how I wanted but although it made me happy in the short term, I never really felt fulfilled or content.

When I really thought about it, the things that meant the most to me were those that I loved, needed or added value.

Being able to find a way to focus on the things that I love, need and add value to my life are why I fell in love with Minimalism in the first place and why I continue to be Minimalist every day.

These are the things that make me get up in the morning, keep me focused in life and bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. They make me who I am and give me peace and purpose in my life.


There are lots of good things about Minimalism and when I was brain-storming for this post, I struggled to pick just 3 benefits of a Minimalist lifestyle. I wanted to list them all!

Minimalism has shifted my thoughts and approach to life in such a profound and sweeping way.

  • My home has less clutter and is easier to keep clean and tidy
  • I spend money wisely on experiences instead of material possessions
  • My bank account is healthier for my changed shopping habits
  • My body is healthier because I practice a simple rule of walking daily and eating healthy. Even my fitness regime is Minimalist!
  • My calendar isn’t full of things I don’t want to do, but instead I have plenty of free time for myself and my family
  • And there are so many more…

However, when it comes down to it, there are 3 fundamental reasons that I choose Minimalism every day. Not only do they underpin all the benefits that I’ve just mentioned but they also inspire me daily towards a more intentional life. Have a read and see if they resonate with you too.

1. I’m happier

Minimalism enables me to focus on the things that are most important to me. When I was spending all the hours juggling work and family in some chaotic, confused daily mess, it didn’t even occur to me whether I was happy.

To be honest, I was so caught up in getting through the day and making sure everyone else was alright (from my kids to my boss), I was ok if I’d not burst into tears or hadn’t forgotten too much, let alone think about whether I was fulfilled and happy.

As I became Minimalist, I stripped back the things in life that weren’t a priority. I found ways to simplify the things that I had to do – make changes to my work pattern, adjust my schedule, look after the home and so on.

Instead I learnt to focus on what was most important.  At the moment, that means my kids, my family, spending time on my hobbies, working on this blog and learning more about myself through personal development.

I try to do each of these things daily (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t) but I know that if I do them regularly then I’m a happier person. When I’m happier, I feel more positive, confident, inspired, energetic and resilient and ready to take on the world (if I feel like it!).

I choose Minimalism daily because I like to be happy! Read this article on my thoughts on whether minimalism makes you happier.

3 Reasons To Be Minimalist
2. I’ve got more time

Time is the one thing that we would all like more of. Time is precious and it’s easy to waste if we’re not careful and intentional about what we do with it.

Minimalism is more than just a lifestyle about less stuff. For many of us, our journey to Minimalism begins with decluttering our belongings but it soon extends to other less tangible things. Time is one of them.

I became Minimalist with my time by choosing to spend my minutes, hours and days wisely. Again, I cut out the things that were cluttering my diary and instead dedicated my time to the things that were important to me.

I learnt to say no to things that weren’t in alignment with my priorities or that I didn’t want to do. It’s not a question of never doing these things or being rude about saying no. It’s more about guarding and curating your time carefully because you won’t get it back again. Remember that whenever you say yes to one thing, you’re saying no to something else.

Every day I make a note of what I’m doing that day. Before I became Minimalist, my diary would be filled with things to do, people to see and places to be – many of which I didn’t really want to do but I hadn’t found a way (or a reason) to say no. Now I’m much more ruthless with my time.

I’ve found that all my family are better when we have some unstructured free time each day. We’re better when we’re not running from A to C with no time for B. Being late or messing up plans still stresses me (I’m a punctual perfectionist!) so I prefer to leave wiggle room for emergencies!

I want to have time to read, blog, play with my kids, think. I don’t want to be rushing all over the place, all the time.

And, I don’t want to be spending my free time doing things that I don’t like. By choosing a more Minimalist home and being intentional about how I look after it, I’ve made things simpler. Simpler often means easier and it usually means quicker so my cleaning schedule at home is simple, easy and quick! Every day I spend less time doing housework and more time doing other things.

So, I choose Minimalism daily because it enables me to carve out more time in my day for what’s really important to me. More time for the things I WANT to do, instead of just the things that I HAVE to do.

I choose Minimalism daily because I want more time! Check out this post on how to be intentional with your time for some helpful tips or this article on the relationship between minimalism and time management.

Becoming Minimalist creates more free time
3. I’m a better person

In a nutshell, when I’m happier, less stressed and have time to do the things I want to do, I’m a better person. I’m a calmer, more patient Mum. I’m a more productive employee, a more inspired and creative blogger, a more engaged and loving partner.

I chose to become Minimalist because of the difference it makes to my mindset, attitude and energy levels each day. I’m not struggling to get by each day. I have time, space and energy for the things that really count.

The things that are important to me are mainly the people in my life. You can buy material possessions, but you can’t replace people you love and meaningful relationships. They take time to nurture, patience and love to support and (in the case of kids) lots of energy! Choosing Minimalism helps me with all of this.

I’m more focused, driven (in a good way), mentally stronger, physically fitter, more receptive to change and happy to take on a challenge because of Minimalism. I’ve got my priorities in order, daily stresses and strains under control and feel happy with who I am and what I’m doing. I have a better capacity to help and support others who aren’t quite there yet or are having a wobble.

I’m kinder because I have more time and energy to give to others, I’m more determined because I know that life is a lot about what you make it. I want to show my kids that they can do anything they want if they put their mind to it. I try to set an example to my kids of the sort of person I’d like them to become.

I choose Minimalism because I think it makes me a better person.


For those of you who are new to the concept of Minimalism then you might like this post I wrote on 7 easy ways to become Minimalist. It will give you some practical suggestions and handy tips to try it out for yourself.

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