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Many people struggle with getting everything done during the day and still finding time for themselves. If this sounds familiar, check out these 24 simple daily habits to make life easier this year. Little tips to create more ease, time and freedom in your everyday life.

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The minimalist lifestyle encourages you to sift out the clutter and intentionally focus on what matters. In many ways, this approach echoes the principles of good time management. In this article, we’re looking at the relationship between minimalism and time management and how a minimalist lifestyle can improve your productivity and help you get things done, simply and strategically.

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Our lives are becoming increasingly busy and complex and the list of tasks we give ourselves each day is getting increasingly complicated too. Let’s find a way to simplify your To Do list so that you can prioritise and be more productive. Check out this post on how to write a To Do list to be effective and get things done.

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